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The revocation of almost all anti-Covid measures has been synonymous with resuming the live circuit. It comes for me after a long post-Las Vegas hiatus, dedicated in particular to a trip to California with my family, but also to some projects that have been close to my heart for a long time. Another good news: it’s not without pride that Now I can consider myself a non-smoker after fifteen years of smoking. This decision is part of a more global dynamic which also provides for the resumption of a sporting activity worthy of the name.

I have really come to this moment in my life that I have often feared. I can feel over the months that the forces of youth are slowly but surely waning. In a desire for anticipation, so i decided to make some drastic changes in my lifestyle.

I was forced to do this for 18 months a very regular sporting practice, including between 40 and 60 kilometers of running per week, as well as two or three weight training sessions. My training is organized as follows:

– Sunday: one hour cool run when you wake up on an empty stomach
– Tuesday: VMA session (Maximum aerobic speed)
– Wednesday: 45-minute cool jog
– Friday: long hike between 1:15 and 2 hours

In between these sessions are two or three bodybuilding sessions.

I quit smoking on January 29th and to be honest it was less difficult than it seemed. I just came home one night, weighed the pros and cons and it struck me that smoking brought more negatives into my life than positives. I felt that at 33 every cigarette weighed a little more on my health and the permanent smell of cold tobacco on my clothes, on my hands, in my mouth, became less and less bearable. So obviously I had to give up the pleasure of smoking, which I still feel today, after a good meal or an aperitif with friends. But the game is really worth the candle. Today, I think I can say that I will never retouch a cigarette. It is a practice that I have decided to ban from my life.

I also managed to make a good transition from an extreme party animal, a heavy drinker, to a more moderate state. I still love to go out, but I do it more rarely and never when I work or grind in the next 72 hours. Likewise, I hardly ever drink strong alcohol again. This rule has greatly improved my life in general. Financially of course, but it has also allowed me to increase my productivity. I quadrupled my work volume for Winamax e I find it exhilarating to find a high level of energy on a daily basis to grind, launch new professional projects or increase my hourly training volume.

A busy schedule

Pierre Calamusa Winamax Club Trophy

These three points also had negative effects. I am approaching a new segment of my life, very different from the one carried by the energy and ardor of youth. Sometimes I have asked too much of my body, for example injuring myself during a long and not very negotiated exit. I also paid for it during the EPT in Prague. In fact, I had spent the previous week in Lille shooting a vlog with Rachel, Émilien and the Inachevés for KING5, before continuing with my first tournament straight from the plane. I haven’t taken any days off and have clearly felt complete burnout in the last two tournaments.

While the rest of the season promises to be very busy with the Team seminar, the Winamax Club Trophy (photo) [Pierre a écrit ce blog fin mars, NDLR]the EPT Monte-Carlo, the WPO Madrid, then the WSOP in two months already, I will have to manage my efforts well to produce quality poker. Winning an important title is my main goal, the goal of my whole life. There will be many opportunities in the coming weeks and I don’t want to miss the opportunity.

I will continue the whole month of August with the second installment of my Make Your Bankroll Great Again challenge first, I hope, to enjoy a well deserved vacation in September. There will be many challenges from a professional point of view in the coming months and I sincerely hope to be ready to meet both my expectations, but also those of my sponsor and those around me. Never in my life had I felt such pressure. It remains to be hoped that it will be an advantage to sublimate myself for, why not, go on vacation with a nice bracelet on my wrist!

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