before the Stade Rennais, Dupraz makes a new promise to the greens

Goal Zapping! soccer team AXIS: the complete list of the Greens

Objective ! : Pascal, ACE has just conceded 17 goals in 5 games …

Pascal DUPRAZ: 17 goals, it shows that we defend badly. We will have to solve the problem once and for all. It is not, however, for lack of work.

Monegasque goals are similar, with overflows and crosses …

Yes. With deep grips. When you have three center backs, it’s not possible to get caught like that. Even if there were very good players in front, in particular Ben Yedder, it is not possible to have opponents who infiltrate like this. We don’t have the right attitudes, the right defensive behavior.

Are there any changes in Rennes?

Maintenance will not pass players who were on the lawn. I can’t change it.

TimothΓ©e Kolodziejczak scored again against his team …

But I will continue to defend it, at all costs. He is a great professional. Seeing him in tears when the match was stopped moved me. He has 5% body fat, this guy tries it all year. He must ignore this unpopularity, he must be brave as we all must be in this situation. He was hissed. You can’t help but think that when you feel bad about yourself, it limits your serenity in the game.

Won’t salvation come through a four-man defense?

Not necessarily, no. Against Monaco, these are the events that led me to play four. But at four, at five … I’m not looking for excuses. This defeat is my responsibility.

What do you think of what happened in the stands?

I prefer to take care of my team. It’s my job and I get paid very well for it. I have a lot to do.

You risk being deprived of supporters against Reims …

What can I say? I am too busy to express myself on this subject. My only goal is to fulfill my mission.

What is she going through?

Finding a defense of L1.

How do you respond to those who are worried?

That there are still 12 points to be taken. The truth of the last four games will not be that of the next four. Need for rectification. We are too crumbly. The pessimists may remain pessimists, but I will look for solutions. If I had been told upon my arrival that we would be in the play-offs with four days to go, I would have signed with both hands. On December 15th we were in 20th place. Three days later, we are still 8 points from the play-offs. I prefer to be in our current position. Barragiste is better than relegation.

to summarise

After the defeat against Monaco (1-4), Pascal Dupraz flew to the aid of TimothΓ©e Kolodziejczak. And he promised that he would give up nothing to succeed in his mission of maintenance … “The truth of the last four games will not be that of the next four. We have to rectify. We are too friable. The pessimists can remain such but I will look for solutions.”

Laurent Hess

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