Before Manchester City – Real Madrid: Ederson, really a reference?

You can be a star, a reference, one of the best in your position according to many observers and … leave some doubts about your passage. Take Ederson’s example. The Manchester City Brazilian goalkeeper has established himself over the seasons as one of the Premier League’s top players as the tattooed City player is helping to revolutionize the goalkeeper’s position. But there is a small problem: by dint of going so far in the revolution, he can give the impression of forgetting the basics. And not to be unanimous.

Ball quality and numbers that speak for themselves


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Ederson has a rare style. Unique, too. His kicking game is wonderful for a goalkeeper. Between his ability to fend off the ball across the pitch to bring a scoring opportunity to his team and his ability to participate in building his lineup, the Brazilian is a UFO, even in this period when goalkeepers are more and more urged to relaunch on the ground. The serenity of him when he has the ball at his feet, illustrated by his insane action against Liverpool during the clash at Etihad after a Kyle Walker back pass, is a fundamental asset. “He is crazy, summed up Pep Guardiola, his coach. Every now and then I tell myself that she doesn’t feel anything. He concedes a goal, he is calm. He stops, he is calm. Having such a zen goalkeeper is great“.

Statistics also invoke it. With 18 goalless goals this season in the Premier League and 21 small goals conceded in 33 games, Ederson, whose idol is Rogerio Ceni – the legendary Sao Paulo goalkeeper with 132 career goals – is leading the kingdom’s best defense. Furthermore, he has not yet conceded a Champions League goal since the start of the round of 16 (in the 8th minute against Sporting and in the quarterfinals against Atlético). But for his detractors, stopping at all of this is going a little too fast. Ederson’s grudge? Its lack of decisive saves and impact in big posters.

Pep Guardiola and Ederson

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Misleading statistics: it is little used and concedes more goals than expected

If Allison – his friend and Liverpool rival – for example is routinely portrayed as almost unworkable on his line, Ederson doesn’t necessarily excel in this area. A concrete example? In mid-April, a statistical study by BetVictor trying to show who was the toughest Premier League goalkeeper to score against City’s last bulwark ranked only ninth.

The reason ? Little exposed since Manchester City became a defensive machine offering very few opportunities to opponents, Ederson conceded more goals than expected (-1.4 according to the PSxG report, or “goals expected after the shot”), far from David de Gea (+7), Edouard Mendy (1) and Alisson (3.6). And the goal conceded on Saturday against Watford (5-1) does nothing but give grit to those who find it more limited than other great goalkeepers. “Due to the City’s dominance, it is not in great demand. For example, Allison has done more rescues in the past two months than Ederson has had to. (during the rest of the season), “David James, the former England goalkeeper, noted on Yahoo in mid-April.


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Above all, the goalkeeper must not become more external than the goalkeeper

So, too crumbly on its line? Not good enough at his goalkeeper fundamentals when he excels like no one else at kicks? Ederson, who has 72.9% of saves in the league (75% for Allison, 75.3% for Mendy), illustrates a drift from position? “Above all, the goalkeeper must not become more external than the goalkeeperwarns Christophe Revel, LOSC goalkeeping coach. This is the risk to be avoided. Ederson at City: His play is frankly exceptional. But if you look at his last two or three great European games, he hasn’t been a great goalkeeper. Unlike Keylor Navas he doesn’t have an exceptional kicking game but was otherwise exceptional“.

This observation could raise doubts about his true place among the best goalkeepers in the world. These coming weeks, between the Champions League and the fierce race for the crown in the United with Liverpool, will however give Ederson new opportunities to silence the critics. Or no, after all. Meanwhile, the suitable profile remains for Manchester City and Pep Guardiola, who did not look for him by chance and will not regret it. Even if it is not a reference on the line of him.


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