Auray’s elected officials have chosen the architect of the new La Forêt sports complex – Auray

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Auray’s elected officials have chosen the architect of the new La Forêt sports complex – Auray


This is an important step in the “Sea Serpent” dossier for the renovation of the La Forêt sports complex in Auray. Claire Masson’s team announced in their municipal campaign program that they would take over the dossier and re-launch a project management competition.

“We campaigned on this issue, because the previous municipality’s project was pharaonic, with an investment of 6 million euros, with very few subsidies from the Region”, says Claire Masson, Mayor of Auray. “We have reworked the practice involving the Region, because it is a very useful structure for high school students. There was a reconstruction and an expansion, for a total budget of 3 million euros, subsidized at 49% by the Brittany region. Despite some previous studies to be paid, even if not withheld, and the remuneration due to the companies chosen by the competition of the previous municipality, more than 2 million euros are saved for the municipality “.

Delivered for fall 2024

The complex now includes a gym, a dojo and a prefabricated extension for boxing, all built in the 80s. they are not optimal.

The project aims to remedy this, to meet the expectations of associations and high schools, in line with the needs and regulations in force. The existing building will be refurbished. The pillars that structure it have been verified. The changing rooms will be demolished and then rebuilt larger, the same for the dojo. A weight room will be created, equipped with school equipment. There is also an educational classroom for high school students. The clubhouse bungalow, as well as the modular boxing, will disappear. The rehabilitation of the equipment provides for an extension of 1,700 square meters.

“It brings an atmosphere of greenery and wood that matches the spirit we want to maintain in this neighborhood”.

For this result, the assembled jury first consulted the three projects presented, then asked questions to the various candidates. “We didn’t immediately choose to take the time to exchange questions and answers before deciding,” explains Claire Masson. “We opted for the project of Studio 02 Architectes, which is located in Vannes. It provides for the entrance from the south, as currently, with an atmosphere of greenery and wood, which corresponds to the spirit that we want to maintain in this neighborhood. The dojo has a whole section of bays open north towards the trees, “describes the mayor.

The site is expected to launch in March 2023, for delivery in the fall of 2024.

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