3-2 Dallas, Utah is in defeat from a nervous breakdown

One of the most undecided series of this first round has returned to Texas, for the fifth meeting between the Mavericks and the Jazz. Two wins per side at the start, three wins for Dallas and a very red kick for Utah at the end, totally deserved as Quin Snyder’s boys literally did their thing for 48 minutes.

Match house stats, that’s where it goes!

Oh the fat-smelling night of tomorrow for the Jazz, even if Utah had the opportunity to recover a match point from the Mavericks after a decisive success gleaned on the edge of the day before yesterday. Aim for the wet squib, because the Mormons have finally taken a monstrous knockout where there is absolutely nothing to hold back. From the start, we understand that success will be a primary concern for Mormons. So it was Dallas who took charge of the operations from the start … never to give up again. In Salt Lake City? A disaster. The Jazz isn’t there, it misses shots, it’s hard to build and the only two that come out cheap are Jordan Clarkson and … Rudy Gobert, like what the guy isn’t a bad striker. Meanwhile, Luka Doncić is back in front of the home crowd for the first time since his injury two weeks ago, so the blond is in the mood to put on a show. Spoiler gets there, and well assisted by the inevitable Jalen Brunson the Mavericks quietly begin to beat the opponent’s basket to make a hole that will almost never stop growing until the final siren. At the break, Utah is already far behind, at sixteen points, and the feeling suggests that the outcome of the match is already almost folded (52-36).

How to qualify the Utah executive level tonight? Humming … gastric, and it will soon be necessary to flush the toilet on this dung proposed tonight by Dodo Miche and spouses. If we take Spida’s stats and add them to those of Mike Conley and Bojan Bogdanović, this gives us a sumptuous 5/30 in the filming of this Game 5, a true work of art of nullity. The prize goes to our good Bojan who put 2 points on 0/9 shooting and 2/3 on shooting, apparently he is less cold in the North Pole than among those who took him last night at TTFL. Mike Conley is 157 years old and you will soon have to go to the eye doctor for a consultation because his accuracy is like his series: disastrous. More seriously, if the timing is very bad to miss out on a defeat, it’s all the more dramatic when it has to be fucked so hard. Donovan Mitchell got hurt, Hassan Whiteside got beaten, no, frankly it couldn’t be worse. The Mavericks are now in full confidence for the next fight, as Luka Magic sent in 33 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists for his return to cassbah, all with a 3-point backlash that turned the crowd upside down. Dallas. Victory 102-77 Mavs, the series returns to the mountains and Jason Kidd’s men will surely want to give themselves a few more days of rest by definitively bending the series from the next game.

Aim for the evening that smells of the bottom of the bowl for Jazz, and the series that also takes the trail. Shameful match for Quin Snyder’s men, gala match for those from Dallas. We return to Salt Lake City for the next episode, which should logically close the series if Utah offers the same kind of performance.

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