How to pump legs at home without iron


Set a timer for three minutes and do as many jump squats as you can.

It’s best not to jump in right away until you’re completely exhausted, but to work calmly for the entire three minutes. Take breaks every 15-20 seconds to keep your energy up. After a break, don’t stand for long – shake it off and keep going.

Try to do more each time. If you managed to do 20 reps in three minutes today, try to do 21 next time.

3 -A set of 10 exercises

This is a “leg day” from the THENX app with a calisthenic training program. In the video below, athlete John Oslager demonstrates this.

In this workout, most of the exercises are not done by time, but by number of times. You rest for 15 seconds between each move. If you feel you can continue without resting, do so.

The workout consists of the following movements:

  • Alternating lunges and jump squats – 30 seconds.
  • Bulgarian split squats – 10 times per leg.
  • Lunges – 10 times per leg.
  • Jump squats – 14 times.
  • Jumping jumps – 40 times.
  • Squats with hands behind head – 20 times.
  • Side lunges – 10 times per leg.
  • Side walk in a squat with hands behind head – 20 steps.
  • Lift on toes – 15 times per leg.
  • Hold a static squat – 45 seconds.

When you have completed one round, rest for a few minutes and start again. Do a total of three rounds.

How often should you exercise

Your muscles need time to recover and grow, so don’t do a workout every day.

Do a “leg day” twice a week with a 1-2 day break between sessions. For example, train your legs on Mondays and Thursdays, and do upper body exercises on the other days.

If you are only able to train 2-3 times a week and need to train all your muscles in that time, choose a superset on the front and back of the thigh and include it in your program along with the upper body workout.

Alternate supersets to train all leg muscles evenly. And don’t forget that the most important thing is to work up to fatigue. If you work your muscles to the max, they will grow.


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