The Ryzen 7000’s AM5 platform would only be compatible with DDR5 RAM

The new generation of AM5 socket for AMD Ryzen 7000 processors may not be compatible with DDR4 RAM. A risky bet for AMD, which faces Intel Alder Lake which supports both DDR4 and DDR5.

DDR5 memory is progressively arriving on the market together with Intel’s Alder Lake, the first generation of processors to guarantee compatibility with this type of RAM. Adorned with much higher frequencies and which should offer better performance than the DDR4 that has been equipping our PCs for a few years now, DDR5 is however struggling to convince for the moment. In question, very low performance gains compared to DDR4 and a still very high price at retailers.

However, this problem is common with the arrival of a new RAM technology, and it is generally necessary to wait a few months before observing an increase in the performance of the models offered on the one hand, and in the production capacities of the manufacturers (causing a drop in the price. ) on the other hand.

AMD Ryzen 7000 only compatible with DDR5?

If Intel has played the versatility card with its DDR4 and DDR5 compatible Alder Lake processors, it looks like AMD is looking to the future with its AM5 platform that will be ushered in by its Ryzen 7000 Raphael. If nothing is official at the moment, it would only support DDR5. It was the X670 and B650 motherboards responsible for hosting these AMD processors that sold the wick, as these will in fact not be compatible with DDR4 memory.

While the Ryzen 7000s inherently support DDR4, it’s not entirely out of the question that AMD may eventually offer compatible entry-level motherboards … but nothing is less certain. With such a policy of exclusivity towards DDR5, AMD risks closing some doors to consumers who would not necessarily have an interest in acquiring this type of RAM, both for the prohibitive prices shown (it counts more or less from 400 to 550 € for 2 x 16GB of RAM today), or wanting to reuse their functional DDR4s in their machine.

The additional cost it requires, it will therefore be necessary that the new generation of Ryzen 7000 processors and its Zen 4 architecture in 5nm are particularly attractive for buyers to deign to renew their equipment, unless the price of DDR5 does not drop since their release. . Response in a few months, these processors are expected in the fall.

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