The foolproof ways to buy a PS5 before Christmas

Good plan news The foolproof ways to buy a PS5 before Christmas

It’s been 2 long years now that PlayStation 5, almost always called PS5, has been nearly impossible to find, especially in the run-up to the holiday season, when millions of people want to offer a game console in the present. Here are our tips for maximizing your chances of buying Sony’s precious machine.

Finding a PS5 before Christmas for a regular price isn’t entirely impossible

Runaway inflation and the drop in the price of the euro have got the better of the price of the PS5. While the console has almost always been sold for 499 euros in its standard version, it has just officially gone down to € 549. If you want to buy the PS5 with disk drive, here is the minimum price.

Minimum, because it is important to specify it most console supplies for a few weeks are not classic supplies. The vast majority of the time traders, well aware that the console is highly sought after, take advantage of it to sell other products by selling the PS5 in packs containers for many other products.

In general you will find a second controller, possibly an official Sony headset, and a game (like the excellent Horizon Forbidden West for example). No price is inflated, you just pay for several products in addition to the console. If you get it for € 750, that’s not bad.

In addition to allowing the sale of more things, these packs allow you to restock to last over time. A return to stock of the classic PS5 never lasts long. Often, everything is robbed in minutes or even seconds.

Whatever happens, do not give up. Part of our job as a good tip editor is to closely monitor PS5 stock returns. Even in these tough times, we see PS5 on a fairly regular basis. With method and determination, you will have your console at regular price before Christmas, I promise. Here are our top tips.

The foolproof ways to buy a PS5 before Christmas

Above all, we sincerely advise you to put all the possibilities on your side by creating customer accounts with all popular online merchants. If you don’t have an account when the console is available again, the few minutes it takes to create one could prove fatal. Once the accounts are created, keep all these tabs permanently open on your computer, even at work:

  • See PS5 Stock on Amazon
  • Watch PS5 action on Fnac
  • See PS5 actions on Cdiscount
  • Check out the PS5 action on Micromania
  • See PS5 actions on Culture
  • Watch PS5 action on Boulanger

To keep you informed about a refueling, several solutions are possible. Some sites set up email and / or SMS alerts. There are also Discord groups. Better, you can just visit our site, JV! We publish an express news every time we see PS5 shares go by.

Sometimes it is even possible to have a PS5 by going in a physical store like Micromania or Fnac. Some sell their PlayStation 5s as soon as they receive them, others practice pre-orders: they then add you to a waiting list (often subject to a deposit) and call you when they receive a PS5. This method also requires a lot of patience and finding a store that might have PlayStation 5.

Finally, if you are full of money, you can always turn to third party resellers, sometimes found on very reputable sites like Cdiscount or Rakuten. Scalpers are always there, and, while it’s not a very moral practice and we don’t recommend it at all, some people are ready to pay a higher price than normal to get their console quickly. If you are one of those, we do not judge.

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