Nintendo Switch Sports, Bugsnax … Switch games of the week

Game news Nintendo Switch Sports, Bugsnax … Switch games of the week

While April is relatively calm, Nintendo’s little hybrid is gearing up to welcome titles worth seeing. Some are already famous (Nintendo Switch Sports, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe), others are more reserved despite their many qualities. In this week’s program: TPS, action / adventure, walking simulation, metroidvania, management and motion gaming. At your helm, citizens!

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Released in 2020 on other platforms, Zombie Army 4: Dead War finally comes to attention on the Switch in a version that includes the contents of the first season, that is, new characters (as well as new outfits), additional weapons (with additional skins) and three new levels. Recall that this title developed by Rebellion resurrects Hitler’s armies so that four players work together to send them back to hell. On the program: Nazi undead, dismemberment, customization and spectacular Kill Cams. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a mastered cooperative TPS that tastes like silly B series.

  • Release date: 04/26/2022
  • Price on eShop: 49.99 euros

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The Thief Snake

Set in a fantasy world, The Thief Snake puts the player in the shoes of the Guardian, an alchemist on a mission to protect the kingdom from Corruption, an insidious threat that spreads through its roots. In this action / adventure game set in a medieval world, you’ll need to explore, master alchemy and tame creatures to fend off various threats. Thanks to the many experiments that can be carried out, the player can go as far as transforming himself into other entities. The promise is clear: in The Serpent Rogue there will be several solutions to the same problem.

  • Release date: 04/26/2022
  • Price on eShop: 19.99 euros

Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe

Look out, little nugget! Released nearly nine years ago on PC, Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a walking simulator like no other. In the role of Stanley, the user may or may not follow the directions of the voiceover, which generates humorous situations made of funny choices and consequences. The developers describe their child as “a game that you are the game of”. In our test, we explained that it was actually a game about the game and where we were asked not to play. It’s clearer, isn’t it? This Ultra Deluxe version expands the world of software with new content, new choices and additional places to visit. All sprinkled with a graphical overhaul and additional accessibility options. These are great arguments for finding Stanley in joy and good humor.

  • Release date: 04/27/2022
  • Price on the eShop: 21.99 euros


The former PlayStation 5 exclusive will arrive on Switch this week. Bugsnax is a 100% solo adventure game, with an atypical art direction, rather meant for children. Thus we find the island of Zenka (we admire the pun) with its hundred species of Bugsnax to be captured with traps and baits. Small creatures, both insects and treats, roam the various biomes to explore. Gradually, the city of Snaxburg is growing and the inhabitants reveal a character often steeped in … sauce. With its side missions and its mysteries to solve, the Young Horses software offers ten intense hours of gameplay.

  • Release DATE: 04/28/2022
  • Price on the eShop: 21.99 euros


The step of Transirubino it could fit on a postage stamp: a continent appears that seems to come from an unknown dimension and a cyborg named Siruby decides to explore it. Joy-Con in the hands, the player is in fact faced with a metroidvania inside which he can transform into an airplane and a motorcycle. Made by the creators of Kamiko, the title features a pretty neat pixel art direction. Thanks to her sword, the heroine can repel her opponents, while the gun turns them into platforms. Filled with puzzles and riddles, Transiruby could be one of April’s nice surprises.

  • Release DATE: 04/28/2022
  • Price on eShop: 11.24 euros (pre-order offer, otherwise 12.49 euros)

Tasomachi: Behind the twilight

A selection of funny cat free games is like a Facebook session … without messages showing cute cats. In TASOMACHI: Behind the twilight, we find our favorite little furballs in a mysterious village located in the Far East. Yukumo, a young girl who travels on an unfortunately stranded plane, enters it to find parts to repair her car. The software developed by Orbital Express is a colorful adventure game with a soundtrack composed by Keitaro Ujiie, an artist who has already worked on Beatmania and Groove Coaster.

  • Release DATE: 04/28/2022
  • Price on the eShop: € 16.79


Have you thought about putting dinosaurs in your dinosaur park? As the promotion on the latest episode of Jurassic World picks up speed, Parkasaurus emerges from its egg. Like a modern day John Hammond, the player must build a dinosaur park with attractions designed to entertain visitors. But unlike the aforementioned mad scientist, the builder’s mission is to ensure the welfare of his creatures in order to develop a bond with them. The idea is that if a hurricane passes and destroys the fences, the dinosaurs are so happy that they refuse to attack people. Easy isn’t it? To do this, you will need to use the tools available to create the right biospheres, taking care to carefully select the vegetation, altitude and humidity level suitable for each species. More than 80 elements are available for the player.

  • Release DATE: 04/28/2022
  • Price on eShop: 20.99 euros

Nintendo Switch Sport

After a Wii Sport whose success is well established and after a Ring Fit adventure that proved that games on the go were still highly regarded by the community, Nintendo Switch Sport finally arrives. As we already know, the goal is always to participate in a series of sporting events and simulate actions in front of the screen using the Joy-Con. The sports available are volleyball, badminton, football, chanbara, tennis and the inevitable bowling minigame, the protagonist of the first episode released on Wii. Other sports will complete the list over time, such as golf, which arrives this fall. The events are all playable in local or online multiplayer, with leagues dedicated to professionals for the more seasoned. There will be sports!

  • Release date: 04/29/2022
  • Price on the eShop: 39.99 euros

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