Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con drift, hell for repairers?

News hardware Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con drift, hell for repairers?

We should have an update on the numbers in the coming weeks, but we already know that Nintendo Switch has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular machines ever. And with it, the Joy-Con, these detachable controllers, at the center of a controversy that has lasted for more than 4 years.

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Joy-Con carry technologies HD vibration and motion detection that work quite well and are used regularly from the games that come out on the machine. But these two small detachable controllers that can be used separately or together have an extremely recurring problem: adrift.

Collective action, support, management issues – Joy-Cons make life difficult for players

The phenomenon results unwanted movements in menus or characterswhile the stick is completely stopped. A problem that can affect all controllers with analog sticks, but it has caught unprecedented scale with Joy-Conbringing to collective actions across the Atlantic, and to support now global and free of the problem also from Nintendo’s after-sales service out of warranty. To obtain the repair it is therefore necessary to contact the service, and send defective controllers (or the console in the case of Nintendo Switch Lite) and wait for the manufacturer to return the repaired controllers or more generally replaced.

Repairs that overload the workshops

Kotaku recently took an interest Nintendo-certified repair facilities, to know where the problem was and to understand a little better how the process works. Our colleagues then questioned the repairers, who immediately indicated that it was a real “hell”. One of the sources, who worked as a supervisor at a seminar in New York State, pointed this out “Thousands of Joy-Cons passed easily every week”.

We ended up dedicating an entire work area to repairing Joy-Con. The constant need to train new employees puts pressure on the team’s ability to oversee repairs.

Structure Radio Unita he therefore seemed completely overwhelmed by the amount of Joy-Con to repair, causing them to greatly speed up the training process, resulting in insufficiently trained and often non-English-speaking teams who are wrong. Nintendo has been on the subject for some time, before finally admitting its extent last fall. The company Shuntaro Furukawa led seemed disillusioned, adding that he would difficult to resolve the concern and apologize because of this.

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