League of Legends: a game mechanic is gradually disappearing, we explain why

news advice League of Legends: a game mechanic is gradually disappearing, we explain why

A reference MOBA for more than ten years, League of Legends has evolved a lot since its inception. While the game’s focus and overall structure haven’t really changed, many mechanics have added to those that have existed since 2010, and others have become patently aged. Today we go back to one of them.

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League of Legends now has 159 champions and four times more skills. Among them, there are mainly two types of mechanics: aimed spells and skill shots.. While these two categories have existed since the beginnings of MOBA, nonetheless there seem to be fewer and fewer aimed spells and more and more skill shots. We can imagine several reasons for this, but before we get there, let’s take a moment to go into more detail on each of the two mechanics.


  • Do you shoot or point?
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Do you shoot or point?

League of Legends: a game mechanic is gradually disappearing, we explain why

Targeted spells, also called “point’n’click” by players, are spells not to be missed. In fact, to use them, all you have to do is find yourself in the range of your target, point it with the mouse and click on it. When all conditions are met, the spell leaves your character and reaches its target, without the latter being able to avoid it.

Of course there are some exceptions to this. Some characters have abilities that allow you to become numb, like Fizz’s jump, or protect yourself from any spells, like Sivir’s shield. Used at the right time, these abilities can help you avoid a targeted spell. Some objects also allow you to absorb a spell, and therefore not to be subjected to it. This is the case with the Veil of the Banshee or the Cloak of the Night.

Skillshots, on the other hand, are much more difficult to use. In fact, instead of going directly to the targeted character, a skill shot will affect a specific area or direction. The player can therefore miss the target if he does not aim correctly and the opponent can avoid the spell if he moves well. Depending on the size of the spell, its speed and the size of the opponent, a skillshot can therefore be more or less difficult to use. Nevertheless, more and more champions have skill shots, and fewer and fewer targeted spells appear on Summoner’s Rift.

I like the statistics

League of Legends: a game mechanic is gradually disappearing, we explain why

As we said in the introduction, League of Legends offers players a set of 159 champions (early 160), all with four skills or 636 different skills. Starting from this basis, we can establish the following statistics:

  • There are only 96 aimed spells, spread across 84 different champions
  • Of these 96 aimed spells, more than half have the main effect of dealing damage (43)
  • Only 20 aimed spells (aside from ultimate abilities) can inflict a powerful crowd control effect on the target.
  • Of these 20 skills, 8 require an additional game element to be successful (pushing the target into a wall, racking up marks, etc.)

Of course, targeted spells are already a minority in the game, and for good reason: most new champions no longer have them, and even old ones are starting to lose them as their gameplay progresses.. This is the case, for example, of Sion, Taric or Warwick, historical champions of the game, who all three have lost a spell aimed in favor of a skillshot. But why Riot Games’ preference for skillshots?

Nerf this pls

League of Legends: a game mechanic is gradually disappearing, we explain why

Obviously, it is much easier for a new player to use a targeted character with spells than a character with skill. Likewise, it’s also easier for Riot Games developers to create targeted spells, as we imagine they’re less prone to bugs and easier to handle as new mechanics are added. However, aimed spells are generally very unsatisfactory to use, and especially to suffer. In fact, if casting a good spell at the right time is pleasant in itself, knowing that we could have done it wrong adds a bit of salt and further accentuates the feeling of success. Conversely, dodging an important skill allows for an immediate counterattack, and taking a targeted spell seems like there’s nothing you can do to avoid it..

If they are therefore more difficult to use, skillshots are much more exhilarating to play. They also allow Riot Games to have more leverage to balance them. It is much easier to accept that a skillshot does a lot of damage or a huge crowd control effect as you know it can be avoided, provided you know how to play well and move well. So, if they certainly never go away, it’s perfectly normal to see developers choosing to provide fewer and fewer targeted spells to their champions and more and more skill shots..

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