How to register on Mastodon, the alternative to Twitter?

Mastodon is often presented as an alternative to the Twitter social network. Here’s how to sign up, leave Twitter or just discover a new social network.

The option seemed unlikely, it becomes more and more plausible. Elon Musk could become the owner of Twitter in the next few daysat the end of April 2022. This prospect is doing rekindle interest of some Internet users for another social network created in 2016: Mastodon, a free, open source and decentralized Twitter clone.

The possibility of buying the platform from the blue bird is highly criticized by many users. If the board of directors of the social network has accepted the offer ofElon Musk (who says he’s willing to borrow $ 25 billion to get Twitter)one would expect virulent reactions from users of Twitter. Some people may be tempted to register on Mastodon, either now or in response to the takeover if it occurs.

Easily register on Mastodon

If that’s what you want too, here’s how to sign up for Mastodon. Before we go any further, remember that Mastodon is decentralized: your registration is then done on one of the many instances available. Each instance has its own rules.

  • Meeting on Mastodon. Next one this linkfor example you will be on the “” instance, but you can choose another community here ;
  • Fill out the form on the left of the page: create your username, specify your email address, choose a password (long enough and solid, provided it is) and confirm it;
  • Accept the terms of service;
  • Click on “Register”.
How do I sign up for Mastodon, the Twitter alternative?
The registration form. // Source: Mastodon screenshot

All you have to do is write your first toot on Mastodon

As on Twitter, Mastodon then offers its subscribers the opportunity to intervene by publishing “squeaks” (the equivalent of tweets). Every toot it can contain up to 500 characters. The toot members you follow appear in a newsfeed. So you won’t be too disappointed.

Curiosity, Mastodon was quick to comment on the situation regarding the likely acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk … on Twitter. ” It’s the kind of worry you’re bound to have when the global communications platform you rely on is owned by a single company. “, We can read in a tweet of 25 April.

That said, it could be argued to Mastodon that Elon Musk appears to have a desire to make Twitter a much more deregulated platform than it currently is, which may be reminiscent of how Mastodon works. Elon Musk intends in particular to change the rules of the social network, revising the rules of moderation.

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