Hideo Kojima: Does the creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding anticipate his next project, an upcoming PS5 exclusive?

Game news Hideo Kojima: Does the creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding anticipate his next project, an upcoming PS5 exclusive?

Since the release of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has remained very mysterious about his studio’s next project. We know that he has watched a lot of horror movies, leaving audiences to think about a potential acquisition of the Silent Hills project or that Abbandoned will be his next game.

At the moment, there is no reason to seriously think that the Silent Hill license, re-registered by Konami, or thatAbandoned, are in the hands of Kojima Productions. But the game designer is a playerand has got into the habit of having fun with the public by posting very apt photographs on social networks.

Does Hideo Kojima continue to play with his audience?

Sometimes these images contain clues about what will happen, sometimes not, but it’s always there something to observe and to theorize about. The phenomenon reappeared yesterday, with the publication, without text to accompany it, of a photograph.

We see a completely classic open-space, in which we find a director’s chair on which appears the name of Hideo Kojima, an installation with multiple screens, a clock and a desk. But below the screen which is on the far right of the image we see a PS5 development kit.

A development kit for PS5 has been previewed, but beware

This is not a prototype but a recent model, suggesting that the photo was taken recently. Immediately, the comments lit up, seeing the presence of the devkit a sign that the next production from the studio, which in recent days has reaffirmed its independence, it will be a PS5 exclusive. While this is entirely possible, one must nevertheless be extremely cautious about these conclusions.

Hideo Kojima certainly has longstanding ties with Sony, who did not hesitate to put an image of stranding of death on its banner, but the presence of a PS5 devkit does not necessarily indicate that the studio’s next game is exclusive since its presence is common in studios. Add to this recent entries indicating a potential agreement for a project with Microsoftand we understand that large tweezers are essential.

Among the many reactions we also read some who thought the photo was taken on the PlayStation premises. It is not impossible, but we cannot rely on the presence of the development kit to confirm it, the latter can be ordered from all studies. Most likely the photo was taken in the new premises by Kojima Productions, where the team settled less than a month ago. However, the photo is obviously there for talk about the work of the studio, without our being able to guess its nature. In other words, Kojima tells us “we are moving forward”. The sign of an upcoming announcement?

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