Diablo Immortal finally reveals its official release date, with a bonus surprise!

After having inflamed and bloodied the Internet for 4 years, on June 2nd the Diablo of Discord will finally submit to the uncompromising gaze of fans.

Since its overly heated announcement at BlizzCon 2018, Diablo immortal experienced a long Via Crucis; today, four years later, the title has finally passed the milestone of the first development versions. The fateful date is approaching now, and we had the opportunity to discuss the philosophy of the title with Wyatt Cheng and Rod Fergusson, two of the great architects of this great project; here are some songs chosen while waiting for the release of Diablo immortalwhich arrives on June 2nd.

The developers have returned to the great feature of this episode, which is the fact that it is a smartphone game. It is an element that has conditioned the entire philosophy of game design Blizzard teams. Despite initial reactions seen in 2018, the studio continued to take on its new concept without shaking its chin.

A PC brought like an outstretched hand to the elderly

Sure, the studio still lent an outstretched hand to its original audience by announcing the release of a version for PC which will be released on the same date, with cross-play and cross-progression. But it’s not about denying the title’s mobile identity, with all that that implies in terms of game design philosophy. “First, we produced a mobile gameWyatt Cheng insists. “It means that when we play on PC, it will be very natural to think “Oh, this is a mobile game that I play on my PC!“.

A reflection that generally does not bode well for such a port; but Blizzard aims to change this a priori by offering a game up to par on all platforms. “The big challenge for us was trying to bring Diablo mobile authentically, to bring that AAA experience to a portable device.”Explains Fergusson. And we start from the visual aspect of the title, an aspect on which Cheng wanted to reassure his interlocutors.

Our smartphones today have extremely high pixel densities“, He explains. “When you transpose it to a full-size monitor, full graphic fidelity is preserved.“, He assures. “You will also have several options between the two platforms, for example to adjust the framerate”Says Fergusson. In any case, our two interlocutors are formal and promise a “very similar experience between the two platforms.

“A game for mobile devices”

But if Blizzard has done everything possible to homogenize the experience, it couldn’t ignore the traditional constraints of the mobile format. There are obviously several fundamental differences in the way of approaching a game designed for smartphones, starting with the number and duration of the game sessions, because the studio could not afford to reuse its good old recipe as it is, based on a grind. time consuming.

He had to introduce some nuances to fit the costumes of the mobile world. “As we approached development, we knew we had two profiles of mobile gamers: those who multiply short game sessions and those who sit in front of their device for an extended session,” explains Cheng.

The approach we have chosen is to be flexible“, He specifies. “There are activities you can do in minutes […]and if you have more time, you can perfectly choose to explore a dungeon with friends“.

A tailor-made experience in an ultra-connected universe

Another aspect that Cheng and Fergusson insisted on is the social and interconnected aspect of the game, on the MMO side. Indeed, Immortal Diablo takes place in a more persistent and dynamic environment than its predecessors. They still wanted to reassure solo fans by explaining that they will also have a lot to do, especially with the main story.

They also explain that it will be possible to enjoy the feeling of inclusion in this universe without being forced to cooperate. They have thus given the example of world events that can occur over time and in which all players can participate together spontaneously, even if they are not part of the same group. A system of world events that is somewhat reminiscent of the systems they are on Oh!, Guild Wars or the deceased Wild Star.

the grind always in the spotlight and without pay-to-win

The two representatives of Blizzard also took the opportunity to announce the monetization policy. Cheng made it clear that the teams were happy with the balance they found with their Battle Pass during the beta. “One of our values ​​is above all the gameplay“, He assures. “All game items are available for free“.

You will have access to the whole story, to all systems. We will not sell weapons or experience”Cheng insists. “We know that rectification is an integral part of the Diablo experienceand we don’t want people to think we want to change that with monetization, ”he insists.

We also plan for the long term”Promises Fergusson. “This is part of the free-to-play nature of the game; new areas, new dungeons, new classes, all of this content will be available for free when it is released in the next few years“.

Will early players be receptive to the studio’s efforts from the first rather violent reactions? They will be able to put aside their a priori to give a chance to a title that remains “mainly mobileSaid Cheng and Fergusson? And especially, Immortal Diablo he will know honor the pedigree of his legendary series with this renewed formula?

There are many questions that still remain unanswered pending release; so we give you an appointment on 2 June next to finally be able to discover the first official version of this game that inflamed and bloodied the Internet four years ago … and the least that can be said is that Blizzard is also planned.

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