But why is Apple selling its new USB-C cable for € 149?

News hardware But why is Apple selling its new USB-C cable for € 149?

A few weeks ago, Apple added a special new Thunderbolt cable to its site. Sold for € 149, it got people talking, and rightly so. Now we know why it has such a price, thanks to the ChargerLab site that analyzed it for us.

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A Thunderbolt 4 cable for € 149, Apple’s trademark

First of all, what is Thunderbolt 4? It is a computer connection technology designed by Intel to transfer data or connect a computer to an external display. As of 2020, the fourth version allows compatible computers transfers up to 40Gbps and can support one external 8K display and 2 4K displays. Added charging if the computer is portable, it offers speeds up to 100W.

Ok, but why is Apple selling it so expensive? We are well aware of Tim Cook’s company’s habit of revising prices upwards compared to the competition, especially in terms of accessories. But there are other reasons for this exorbitant price.

First of all it is in USB-C format and measures 1.80 meters, all in black and covered in very pleasant to the touch and premium-looking fabric. This type of material, unlike classic silicone, avoids dirt and is much more resistant to wear and bending.

Impeccable materials and design

That’s all right, but there are other cables that are similar and cost a lot less. The rest of the € 149 is inside, with 19 different wires that allow the transfer of energy and data, separated by numerous layers of protection to avoid interference.

They are made of different materials, three of which are quite expensive: copper, gold and silver. We find copper and silver on the wires and gold on the ends of the connectors.

This type of cable isn’t really necessary to charge your iPad or MacBook Air. It is intended for those who already spend a lot on their setup and wish to acquire the best possible quality. It is no coincidence that it was announced with the Mac Studio, Apple’s new desktop computer with pro-oriented components.

Buy the Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro Cable (1.8m) on Amazon

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