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plant-based nutrition without compromising between performance and health


ØZERS: plant nutrition without compromise between performance and health

In the world of sport, the pursuit of performance is very often done at the expense of a person’s health and the naturalness of his diet. ØZERS, a young start-up born in Lille in 2021, intends to challenge conventions with a fantastic post-workout product. It is entirely vegan, made in France, based on vegetable proteins and microalgae.

A healthy and tasty all-in-one post-workout smoothie

The creation of ØZERS, initiated by the young professional boxer and engineer Maxence Damarey is the result of an observation: between traditional actors, animal protein addicts and more natural and naive newcomers, the conflict seems irreconcilable. Between a blind and short-term race for performance, or a more reasoned but too reasonable alternative, you have to choose, and then give up.

But giving up is not in ØZERS DNA. The start-up has taken on the mission of unlocking your peak performance, without compromising your health. All with tasty and ecological products.

The very first shake from the Lille start-up has arrived on the market and offers an interesting and uncompromising concept. With this vegan post-workout, made in France And all in onethere is no longer a need to multiply food supplements for risky results: a single serving after training provides the athlete with all the nutrients needed to get better muscle, joint and bone regeneration. Taking this supplement, with a pleasant vanilla and almond milk flavor, is also ideal for promote sleep, relaxation and recovery after an intense and prolonged sporting effort.

From a practical point of view, the preparation is comparable to any other sports food supplement: for a single serving, mix 35 grams of powder with water in a shaker, then shake vigorously and enjoy.

What is the composition of the ØZERS smoothie?

The complete natural shake formula ØZERS, validated by dieticians and nutritionistscomprehends:

  • Vegetable proteins with complete amino acid profiles;
  • Spirulina and chlorella with a powerful antioxidant and oxygenating effect;
  • C vitamin;
  • Wisteria;
  • Football;
  • Magnesium;
  • BCAA (branched chain amino acids).
  • That is a total nutritional intake of 125 kcal per serving: a maximum of nutrients, for a minimum of calories.

Combining the pursuit of performance, health and pleasure

The ØZERS food supplement is the result of an original collaborative approach between the brand and a partner laboratory, specialized in food innovation based on plants and microalgae. This institution notably has 25 registered patents and the support of a comprehensive team, consisting of biotech and medical engineers from the food industry.

This recognized expertise has allowed ØZERS to refine its recipe, in order to optimize both its effectiveness for athletes and its beneficial effects on health.

The start-up has already been able to record some very encouraging first successes: it thus benefits from the official support of he triesthe world’s leading alternative protein NGO and accelerator of food innovation Brinc Limited in Asia.

ØZERS now wants to make its new dietary supplement recipe known to as many people as possible. Take advantage of a 25% discount for yours first order of agitation ØZERS with the code “OPIN25”.

The three key points to remember:

  • ØZERS has developed a new protein sports supplement that is 100% vegan and beneficial for the nutritional balance of athletes;
  • It is formulated with vegetable proteins rich in amino acids and microalgae;
  • The recipe reconciles the pursuit of performance and the problems related to the health of great athletes.

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