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Nutritional point | Detox: myth or reality?


by Chahrazade Kaaniche *

“Drinking warm lemon water in the morning or even drinking 1 liter of mint water during the day makes you lose weight and detoxifies the body”. This is what most people have been saying lately. But really, is it true that these drinks make you lose weight and eliminate toxins?

Detox, what is it?

Detoxification is a natural process in our body. Our body, in fact, is composed of natural exit gates called emunctors or elimination organs. Their role is essential for our body as they allow the elimination of waste and toxins to maintain internal balance and strengthen our immune system. They can be compared to a large detox factory.


The aim of these “detox” drinks would therefore be to promote the natural purification process. Far from denying the natural role of the body, we must not forget that some fruits and vegetables have the power to stimulate the body to eliminate these toxins such as fruit rich in vitamin C (kiwi, lemon and pineapple) which helps the body to produce glutathione, this antioxidant, which combines with fat-soluble toxins, to make them soluble in water, thus facilitating their elimination. Potassium-rich fruits and vegetables (banana, pineapple, cherry, artichoke, beet, carrot, and eggplant) also play an important role in activating the detox metabolism. In addition, there are plants that activate the liver metabolism thus helping the liver to exert its detoxifying role such as rosemary, dandelion.

Do detox drinks make you lose weight?

Certainly detox drinks do not have a direct effect on the weight loss process, but they do help you lose weight. Green tea is a very good drink to help with weight loss. The numerous antioxidants it contains, including EGCG, promote the oxidation of fat cells. Furthermore, green tea has a draining action and promotes the elimination of waste, especially in combination with lemon. The citric acid of lemon, on the other hand, allows to awaken the digestive system, to stimulate the production of bile and digestive enzymes. Therefore, the organs are more efficient and the elimination of fats and metabolic waste more effective.

In conclusion, detox drinks can help the body get rid of toxins and also indirectly intervene in the weight loss process, but you must know that a balanced lifestyle, physical activity and sufficient sleep are the basis for the correct functioning of the body. ‘body.


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