Indulge yourself with the guilt-free treat of Herbalife Nutrition’s latest snack

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Indulge yourself with the guilt-free treat of Herbalife Nutrition’s latest snack


Like many people, you started the year full of ambitions: “In 2022, it’s decided, I’ll stop snacking and adopt a healthy lifestyle as a girl!” Yes, but now bad habits die hard and you didn’t think it would be so difficult to give up chips and other sweets … Don’t panic – and even less guilt – there are solutions to have fun without the balance does not pay for it. price. Yes, yes !

Healthy and gourmet snacks, it’s possible!

Let’s start by shaking the neck at a preconceived idea that has a hard life: no, having a snack is not necessarily a diabolical habit! First, what could be more humane than indulging in comfort foods from time to time? We all have the right to obstruct the (often too strict) goals we set ourselves in terms of food. So there is no need to self-flagellate for a few bites that are a little too salty or too sweet, as long as they remain occasional. Plus, snacking in the morning or afternoon can help you avoid small gaps, slow down, and regulate what you eat at the next meal. This helps distribute intake and energy throughout the day

Secondly, having a snack can be healthy too! Goodbye shiny fat chips, they give way to healthy alternatives that allow you to appease small cravings without damaging our figure or our health. Combined with balanced snacks and appetizers, Herbalife Nutrition offers salty snacks with a very interesting nutritional profile that combine taste and whim without feeling guilty. Our current favorite? Herbalife Nutrition Protein Chips, which contain 50% less fat than traditional chips thanks to a processing process that makes them fried and not puffed. Made from pea protein, they contain more than 11g of protein per 30g serving. This crunchy delight is available in two delicious flavors: Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion. These fries are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Yum! And consumers are not wrong. Proof of this is that they won the Product of the Year competition 2022 *!

Personalized advice for a healthier life

To support you in your healthy resolutions, Herbalife Nutrition also offers individual or group coaching, which allows you to benefit from the advice and support of a coach, as well as the sharing of community experience.

Herbalife coaches guide you and define with you your personal goals (reach your ideal weight, well-being, fitness or even performance or resume sports activities) as well as a balanced and active program to meet your needs.

Visit the Herbalife Nutrition Instagram account to discover the brand’s products and many recipes, each healthier and more delicious than the other, as well as tips and tricks:

* Nielsen / treetz study at the end of 2021 –

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