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Baouw Nutrition Range Test: Natural, Organic and Gourmet in your pocket


Of Guglielmo ROBERTO
Saturday 12 March 2022 – Hardware test

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The Baouw brand is very recent, since it was created in 2017. But what good is a new nutritional brand in front of the many players already on the pitch on the sports market?

In any case, this is my first question when the brand offered me to test its products. On the one hand, I increasingly limit nutritional tests, not having the technical basis to analyze the ingredients and their real benefits in detail, and on the other hand, taste remains a very subjective concept.

But Baouw stands out from the competition because the products are designed with a nutritionist (for the necessary contributions to the athletes), a great starred chef (for the taste and gastronomic side), with natural and organic ingredients, avoiding too sweet products. or with glucose, which can have long-term deleterious effects.

All this was therefore worth trying for the well-being of all.

A different concept

The small company is located in Annecy, which offers an ideal playground for many sports. Cycling, trails, trekking, …

Alongside Gilles Galoux, agri-food expert, osteopathic nutritionist and sports coach Benoît Nave officiates with the two Michelin-starred chef of the Maison Bleue, Yoann Conte, to compose recipes that have the good taste to respect our nature.

Because Baouw doesn’t stop to bring you what you need to be efficient during your favorite sport in the hours to come. No, the brand’s credo is also to keep athletes healthy over the long term. What is the point of ingesting so-called “nutritional” sports products if you ingest too much sugar and other glucose and end up with diabetes?

And then we’ve all experienced this “too much sugar” after consuming a lot of energy bars and gels at an event. This is where Baouw wants to be different. Not an “arm’s length” list with weird things (E ….. and the like) or “-ose” words (glucose, dextrose and the like).

The French brand has chosen to collaborate with a natural raw material, raw, processed in order to preserve all its qualities. Another advantage, working with real fruits does not require the use of preservatives, the antioxidants of the fruits play this role naturally.

Respect for man therefore, with healthy products, but also respect for nature with organic farming that preserves the land and those who cultivate it for us. Because practicing “natural” sports by consuming highly chemical or processed products is ultimately as stupid as playing sports to be healthy and ingesting products that, in the long run, can cause health problems.

Baouw offers a wide range of products that you can find here, individually or in boxes.

So yes, it is more expensive than many usual nutritional products. But healthy products made from natural, organic and tasty raw materials, you pay for.

We also find bars specially designed for children. Bars specially designed for children aged 3 and up, adapt to their energy needs to accompany them in all their daily adventures! They offer a healthy and natural alternative to classic cookies, chocolate bars or other cereal bars to take care of the health of our little athletes.

A certain Xavier Thevenard, who notably won the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2013, 2015 and 2018, has become a brand ambassador, for its ecological and nature-friendly side. He testifies to his commitment to ecology and limits the plane to participate in competitions.

I want to agree with myself and wonder if it is very reasonable, even today, to take a long-haul flight to go for a run […] The important thing today is to be able to save life on earth.

We find in the range of bars and compotes rich in carbohydrates mainly from fruit. In each of these two ranges, you will be able to choose between fruit and vegetables. The ingredients will inevitably amaze at first sight. Mint, carrot, sweet potato, curry, buckwheat, beetroot, Espelette pepper, rosemary, ….

No fewer than 11 sugar-free recipes, everyone should find something to suit their taste buds. The dosage of lipids takes place mainly through almonds, hazelnuts, …

All bars are made in France. The compotes are made in Catalonia, no laboratory in France that wants to make compotes with 10/12 ingredients, too complicated. These compotes are actually … purees, because they have no added sugar.

The brand recommends consuming about a bar every 45 minutes or a puree every 30 minutes. With that, there is no need to add isotonic powder to the cans according to the creators.

On the road

I am not going to tell you about the nutritional qualities of Baouw bars and compotes here, I leave it to the specialists.

But the taste side is nice, with really different flavors than we’re used to with competing brands. And there is something for everyone. From the sweet potato / cashew / curry bar to the surprisingly spicy beet / almond / piment d’espelette bar.

But no taste too salty or sweet every time, no feeling of sugar saturation as can happen with other products. Furthermore, the consistency is well studied, with bars compact enough not to disintegrate too easily, but which can still be chewed easily even at full effort.

Of course, not all recipes will appeal to everyone, but don’t stop at certain atypical ingredients such as sweet potatoes or chilli, all the recipes are well studied and even I, who have difficulty with certain foods, have all appreciated them.

Compotes also offer new flavors. The 63g format (which will soon increase to 90g) is well thought out and you can easily distribute the catch over and over. Special mention for the sweet potato / carrot / pepper recipe which has the advantage of changing a bit on long rides, avoiding nausea. No ingredients really take over your mouth, but the subtle blend is pleasant.

If this has no real scientific value, in my 3 or 4 hour outings, contenting myself with one joke every hour, I didn’t have to suffer from failure.


Finally a different concept on the nutritional side, with products that combine natural, organic, dietary and taste, without ultra-processed products.

So obviously we can blame them for their high price, but that’s probably the price you pay for quality ingredients.

Find a wide range of Baoux products here, individually or in boxes.

In any case, for long cycling or long outings, the taste qualities must be taken into account and the purees and Baouw bars at least allow you to avoid this feeling of “too sweet” often present with industrial products.

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