Antioxidants, fibers, vitamins … What are the benefits of dates for our health?

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Antioxidants, fibers, vitamins … What are the benefits of dates for our health?


This brown stone fruit comes from date palm (or date palm), tree found mainly in North Africa it’s at Middle East in the oases. Grown in sunny countries, the date loves the heat.

The high season of this berry, which measures between 4 and 6 cm, isOctober to December. Easy to taste and take anywhere, you can eat dates every day, but in moderation, because they remain calories. There are several varieties in the world. You will also find organic dates on the market.

The three main exporters of dates are Egypt, Iran and Algeria which grows the Deglet-Nour. However, the most famous variety is the date Medjool originally from Jordan and Israel. Indeed, larger and fleshy, it is much appreciated.

To be consumed directly, in a smoothie, in the form of honey or tea, its benefits are many, both for our health and for our beauty.

The advantages of dates

The date has many properties. Consumable all year round and recommended for a ideal dietallows you to take advantage of a nutrients on a daily basis, making it a “superfood“:

  • The benefits of dates for our health

Dates are rich in:

  • proteins : necessary for the renewal of our cells;
  • fibers : essential for good intestinal transit;
  • Glucose : the fuel of our metabolism;
  • Vitamins A : for our immune defenses;
  • Vitamins of group B : for the balance of our body;
  • Vitamins C : to support our immune defenses;

but also in fructose, amino acids, copper and iron.

  • Dates are also rich in antioxidantswhich helps protect the body’s cells from aging ;
  • They also contain potassium And magnesium which are useful for our cardiovascular system. They protect us from the risk of stroke;
  • Recommended for women pregnantdates help facilitate childbirth.
  • Dates reduce the rate by cholesterol in the blood;
  • They decrease the tired out and the mineral salts they contain help to strengthen our bones.
  • The benefits of dates on our beauty

Beyond the many virtues listed, know that the date is also a great ally beauty.

Used in cosmeticwill power the dry skins. From its core, we can extract an oil that will be a very effective antioxidant against cellular aging.

On the other hand, date palm is regularly used in products capillaries. Its nourishing oil will moisturize the scalp and restrict hair loss. Also, do not throw away the stones of the dates you consume. Here is a simple beauty tip:

  • Roasting the kernels of dates;
  • Mix them with an organic vegetable oil such as olive or avocado oil;
  • You will then get a nourishing mask to apply on the hair for 1 hour;
  • Rinse the treatment with clean water and proceed with styling.

How to consume dates?

The date can be consumed in a number of ways on a daily basis, but keep in mind that it is advisable to consume 3 to 7 fruits per day due to its carbohydrate and carbohydrate content. calories.

Choose your firm dates, with a rather oval shape, shiny and very fragrant. Avoid the ones with stains.

  • The fresh dates, sold in clusters, they are quite fragile and must be consumed quite quickly. You can keep them at fridge few weeks. You can even freeze them.
  • The dried datesfor their part, they must be kept away from humidity and air. Just put them in a closed container, in a cupboard. If they get too dry, lightly moisten them with a little water before eating them.

Ideal snack, dates are perfect appetite suppressant which can be consumed directly.

Their glucose content makes them very popular with athletes. When you do a session sportso remember to bring some appointments with you.

This fruit with a good sweet taste can be cooked and also in an original way as in a soup carrots. Dates are found in the form of honey, fruit paste, syrup, sweets, but also herbal teas or cooking oil.

A quick and easy recipe: date-based energy balls

An excellent alternative to sugar, dates are a superfood not to be overlooked. Here is a quick and easy recipe that will allow you to recharge your batteries for the whole day:

Energy balls with dates Abbie Whiddett

Ingrediants :


  1. First, put the almonds and walnuts in the blender to mash them. Then add the rest of the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  2. So you just have to make balls of identical size and put them in the refrigerator 1 or 2 hours before consuming them.

You can then put them in an airtight box and store them in the refrigerator for two weeks.

Small tip: do not hesitate to vary the toppings using oatmeal, pistachios, pieces of chocolate or even honey to vary the pleasures.

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