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Which fitness accessories under 30 euros to choose?


What accessories for fitness at home?

Some accessories are indispensable for practicing fitness at home. Especially since they are now offered at low prices. Here are some of them:

Lightweight and easy to use, the elastic is a very complete accessory. To be wrapped around the ankles or to be grasped in the hands, it allows you to stimulate the buttocks, biceps or back. This nomadic accessory provides resistance work that will tone the silhouette in the long run. It promises an absolutely remarkable weight loss if practiced regularly.

The ultimate fitness accessory, the jump rope promotes cardio while burning fat. It also prevents the appearance of cellulite. Through a simple and comprehensive exercise, the jump rope helps tone the body. And it is effective in optimizing our stamina.

The Swiss Ball is a large ball that helps strengthen deep muscles. This accessory has several functions such as toning the silhouette or strengthening the abdominal belt. It promises the same effects as a massage as it stimulates blood circulation.

There are other Swiss Ball alternatives on the market which are smaller balls. These offer the same result as the larger versions.

Our selection: fitness bands

Are you looking for fitness accessories under 30 euros? This is for you ! These are the Gritin fitness bands. They come in 5 colors that represent different levels of resistance, including an arm muscle workout and a hip lift or squat workout. Two bands can be used at the same time. We offer these multifunctional rubber bands, great fitness accessories. Compact and easy to use, they allow you to work the whole body.

Designed with quality latex, these resistance bands offer perfect flexibility and quick rebound. They do not deform during stretching and are particularly resistant. With a size of 60 x 5 cm, these fitness bands allow you to work your whole body with peace of mind.

Jump rope for quick weight loss

Jumping rope is a great way to work the whole body by promoting blood circulation. That’s why our team suggests the Blukar jump rope. Solid and resistant, it is made with quality steel wire. It is also covered with a PVC outer material. In addition to being resistant, it is perfectly stable. The rope with a length of 2.8 meters can be adjusted via the buckle. It is therefore suitable for all ages and all levels of experience.

In addition, its EVA foam handle is very comfortable and non-slip. Built-in quality ball bearings allow the rope to spin quickly and smoothly. With its small size, this fitness jump rope is easy to carry. It is a great ally for training at home or outdoors.

An exercise ball for home training

Are you looking for practical accessories to train at home? We recommend the Mupack exercise ball with which you can perform pilates or practice yoga.

This small fitness ball is effective in shedding fat around the abdomen, waist and back. Designed in high quality PVC, it is soft and durable. Its non-slip and textured surface guarantees a better grip. Contoured horizontal ribs all around keep the ball in place even in case of heavy sweating. Portable and lightweight, this fitness accessory fits discreetly into your training bag.

In addition, this versatile ball can be used for different types of exercises. In addition to pilates, it can be used as an auxiliary accessory for yoga. Placed on a chair, this mini ball is also effective in relieving back pain and fatigue.

A connected scale to track your progress

Fitness enthusiasts or established athletes, follow your progress in real time with the Renpho connected scale! We were seduced by this model because it allows us to analyze 13 body composition data, including weight, BMI, body fat and muscle mass. It becomes easy to set a goal and track your progress every day with this smart scale that integrates the Renpho app. This passes the data to Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit. You just need to weigh yourself regularly to understand your journey.

The Renpho smart scale has high-precision sensors that ensure accurate measurements. Along with step-on technology, it features a premium tempered glass platform that can weigh from 6.6lbs to 396lbs in 0.2lb increments. That’s why it provides detailed body composition readings. Especially since this device incorporates automatic calibration and automatic shutdown functions ensuring a longer battery life.

A tension rope for training anywhere

Do you want to easily shape your body? Train anywhere, anytime with the Wisdomlife Tension Rope. We recommend this accessory because it is a versatile resistance trainer. It allows you to work the whole body, from the shoulders to the arms, passing through the hips and stomach.

This tension rope is wrapped in perfectly absorbent and non-slip cotton. The four threads that make up the tube are very resistant. Its elastic foam handle guarantees a perfect grip and protects your hands from injuries. Designed in a high-density material, its pedals are also non-slip and comfortable. Safety buckles fixed on both sides prevent falling.

Ergonomically designed, this multifunctional rope is easy to carry. It can be used anytime, anywhere, at home, in the office or in the gym.

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