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what are the selection criteria?


The fitness circle, which you surely all know as the hula hoop, is definitely one of the games we all loved as children. Today this discipline is making a comeback and fitness hoops are available in different forms and for different uses. It is an entertainment accessory, but also a sporty one, which can help you get rid of love handles.

The criteria for choosing a fitness frame

It doesn’t matter what business you want to do with yours fitness circlethere are some selection criteria you need to take into consideration.

These criteria are:

  • The diameter;
  • Weight ;
  • The material.

The diameter

Diameter or size is the main selection criterion for a fitness circle. It will greatly affect your level of practice and pleasure. If you find the wrong size, you will have problems handling your frame and therefore you will not be satisfied. You should know that the largest circle is the slowest moving one and vice versa. If you buy this circle for your children, please choose a diameter between 60 and 80cm. However, if you buy an adult fitness hoop, it is best that it has a diameter of between 90 and 110 cm. Finally, you should know that the size of the fitness frame changes over time, meaning it can increase or decrease with training.


It is better to choose a fitness circle light enough. Because first of all the exercises you will do will mainly work the pelvis, which is why you must avoid getting hurt. Second, a lightweight fitness frame is easier to use and handle. You will therefore be more comfortable during your exercises.

The material

The choice of material depends mainly on your level of competence. The circles for fitness they are available in wood, metal or plastic. The latter is the most recommended for beginners.

All these criteria are very important to choose the right fitness frame and to be able to practice your activity without having physical problems. They should therefore not be overlooked.

How to buy a fitness hoop?

For buy a fitness hoop, you can go to specialized websites, or simply to online sales sites. If you are buying it for an adult, it is best to opt for sites that specialize in sports equipment. If it is for a child, you can buy it on any site. Opt for the sites of well-known brands, to guarantee the quality of your accessory. You can also buy your fitness hoop at physical sports stores such as Decathlon. The advantage is that you will be in touch with your product and can ask for help from the sellers on the spot. Don’t forget to take all of the above criteria into consideration.

Finally, you know how to choose a fitness frame and where to buy it. Don’t hesitate to do further research on the subject if you still find it difficult to choose.

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