We tested: a sports lesson like no other at Animo Studios

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We tested: a sports lesson like no other at Animo Studios


The gyms reopened and it was an opportunity for us to discover a new, slightly different training place. Located in Brussels, and more precisely in Ixelles, Animo Studios is the first Premium Fitness Boutique space in the capital. As soon as we passed the front door, our eyes took hold of (and our muscles too).

Animo Studios, the most instagrammable fitness space in Brussels

Animo Studios opened for the first time in October 2020. Bad luck (but especially Corona), this new gym that we have already seen become the new training venue in Brussels had to quickly close its doors. But since June, the on-site team welcomes us again and shows us what the confinement has deprived us of: a Premium Fitness Shop at the glossy decoration and ultra-design which makes us think of our coolest Pinterest-inspired board and almost makes us want to live there. Upon entering, we discover the reception located right next to a small hot coffee. We stop there before or after a session to enjoy a hot or frozen matcha latte or protein shake accompanied by healthy food. from local suppliers. The must? Everything is vegan! There are La Baie coffees, La Favo granola, Açaï Bowl Holy Berry and the famous Buddy Buddy oil butters. From a nutritional point of view, everything has been meticulously thought out to maximize (to the maximum) the effects of the training sessions. On the reception side there is also a rack that presents the pieces of the Animo sportswear collection. Hoodies, t-shirts, bras, leggings, … The studio has collaborated with local brands to design these garments, all made in an eco-responsible way.

We tested the TRAIN course of Animo Studios

When you expect a traditional HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class, the class TRAIN to the Soul it is not. First, the room is plunged into darkness. Power failure ? Not exactly ! Only a few points are illuminated above the machines that make up the room. The target. the goal? Focus on yourself, on your training session, on your goals, avoiding being distracted by other people taking the course. It is also a way to be able to give your best without being afraid of being criticized or judged, or of feeling inferior to other participants who have a higher level than ours. Everyone is in their bubble and they just think about doing their best. The TRAIN session lasts 50 minutes And emphasizes strength and intensity by working the whole body. The room is divided into two parts: in the first throne the flagship training machine called “SkillMill“, a curved treadmill that uses no electricity thanks to its ingenious spherical design. Its speed varies with yours, so the faster you run, the faster the treadmill will go. The other part is the space.”The floor“allows you to work on muscle strengthening using dumbbells and other accessories. During the session, 5 rotations are performed between the two stations. A workout suitable for both beginners and the more advanced and experienced.

Alongside the TRAIN course, Animo Studios offers two other experiences:

  • I study shriveled is a high intensity indoor cycling workout that comes to life to the rhythm of music and lights. During training we motivate ourselves thanks to the energy of the other “riders”, we do push-ups
    using the dumbbell, you develop your abs and increase your heart rate. A powerful cardio session that promises to sweat while clearing your mind.
  • I study TO SHIFT offers several workouts at a slower pace and without impact, perfect for continuing to tone your body while recovering after an intensive TRAIN or RIDE session. On the program: Abs & Booty, Pilates, Cardio Dance, Flow on Hiphop …

Practical information

Where is it ? Chaussée de Vleurgat 72, 1050 Ixelles

When ? Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 21:00 / from Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00

How? ‘or what? Book your session easily online or via the ANIMO app.


  • A single session: € 20
  • Discovery pass: € 30 for 3 sessions
  • 10 sessions: € 17 per session
  • 50 sessions: € 15 per session

Soul also offers Unlimited formulas :

  • 12 months – 159 € / month
  • 6 months – 169 € / month
  • 3 months – 179 € / month
  • 1 month – 199 € / month


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