Watfit, body-karate, neo-ballet … these disciplines that reinvent fitness

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Watfit, body-karate, neo-ballet … these disciplines that reinvent fitness



The principle. The exercises are practiced on an inflatable board placed on the water. Let’s start by asking the instability of this floating support by climbing on it as indicated by the master. After the fear of falling into the water, you end up regaining your balance. As long as you stay focused! After these first warm-up movements, you can work on sheathing, muscle strengthening, push-ups … The positions, which can be inspired by yoga or pilates, have nothing to do once you are on a swaying mat. ” We are not looking for speed but for the best possible placement “, Underlines Soufien Riabi, the inventor of watfit, who gives free rein to the coaches to use this or that music. He also recommends that you mute the sound on time to learn a movement.

Its strengths are formed. For forty-five minutes, the instability strengthens the muscles. We mobilize our deep muscles and work on our balance. Above all, you relax, you forget your worries. In fact, you have to stay focused so as not to fall into the water. This is the wattfit experience!

Good to know. If it is possible to practice alone – the mat is available for purchase – it is better to familiarize yourself with the discipline by following some lessons.

Where to practice? In swimming pools, thalassotherapy centers, etc. To find out more, visit the Watfit Facebook page.

The karate leotard

The principle. It involves chaining gestures that simulate a fight by imitating punches, kicks or other blocking techniques of karate. The movements occur in all directions. You have to stay focused! Invented by karateka Catherine Belrhiti for the French karate federation, body karate is inspired by “kata”, the basic sequences of the discipline. But, here, the course takes place in French, without the Japanese jargon. All without risking injury from an opponent … There aren’t any!

Its strengths are formed. It strengthens the muscles of the arms as well as those of the legs. It also stimulates the capacity of the vascular and respiratory systems.

Good to know. Working on coordination, psychomotor skills and memory, body karate is a sport that can be practiced at any age. Especially among the elderly, with a view to preventing neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Where to practice? In the clubs of the French Federation of Karate. To find out more, visit ffkarate.fr and Bodykarateffk’s Facebook.

Wrestling training

The principle. This lighter version of wrestling training was developed by Thomas Cerboneschi (Trainer Les Mills) for the French Federation of Wrestling and associated disciplines. We build muscle through abdominal wrap exercises and also use accessories such as the kettlebell, a steel ball with a handle, originally used by Russian fighters. We swing her back and forth, standing upright, or swing her from floor to ceiling, over her head, with outstretched arm. Initially, it is best to start with a low weight kettlebell before increasing the power. Wrestling training can be practiced with a slamball, a soft ball weighted with sand. The car, certainly heavy, is not afraid of bouncing on its neighbor. In any case, it gets hot quickly!

Its strengths are formed. Improve stamina and sculpt your abs. It also improves its mobility at the level of the hips and strengthens the tone of the back.

Good to know. It is a sport that allows you to spend a maximum of calories. Perfect for those who want to lose weight.

Where to practice? In more than 90 wrestling clubs across France. To find out more, visit fflutte.com.


The principle. It is a physical preparation technique inspired by rowing. ” The session takes place on a rowing machine but also around the device, with or without a trainer Explains Juliette Duchemin, development manager of the French Rowing Federation. In all cases, the lesson video scrolls across one screen for each student. Rowing is a “circuit training”: it consists of a warm-up and twelve intense exercises of forty-five seconds. The sequence of exercises is repeated three times. Throughout the course, each part of the rowing machine is an excuse to perform lunges, squats, push-ups, etc. The seat is used to sit down to pull the handle in the classic way or – more original – to rest your feet and do the abdominals, while lying on the ground. Similarly, in a standing position, you pull the handle to tone your arms. It is far from being a sit down course!

Its strengths are formed. Like its inspiration, rowing, rowing strengthens all the muscles in the body.

Good to know. There are also “healthy” versions called “rowing life”. Specifically, they are divided into eight one-and-a-half minute exercises for people who are overweight, sick or with disabilities.

Where to practice? At a partner rowing company or gym. To find out more, visit ffaviron.fr.

Trend: the “Neo-Ballet”

You’re a fan of ballet, but you’ve never done it … or maybe a long time ago. What if I try the “neo-ballet” lessons? Put on your slippers (demi-pointe) and do a few folds, degages, even arabesques, as well as deep sheathing and cardio exercises. As the session progresses, after the warm-up, the movements become more technical, wider. For an hour alternate rapid and heart movements with other soft and deep ones. Depending on the course, some steps are performed on a dance bar, others with the help of small weights or rubber bands. Background music? Forget Mozart and Chopin! The atmosphere is rather R’n’B.

Finally, we have fun mobilizing our muscles, from the skull (memory work) to the toes! We straighten up, hold our backs better, lower our shoulders… and, good news, so many courses are available online.

Examples? • The Fit’Ballet: discipline created by the dancer Octavie Escure, which also exists in a stretch version. fit-ballet.com. Les Mills Barre: course designed by coach Goedele Peerlinck. lesmills.com. The bar shape: this method is a mix of classic bar, stretching, pilates and fitness. barshape.com. The barre of cardio ballet: after the cardio warm-up, dancer Cyrielle Thouin proposes a rhythm bar and floor fitness exercises. cyriellethouin.com.

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