The 5 fitness activities for weight loss

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The 5 fitness activities for weight loss


Just to say it right away, betting everything on sport to lose weight would be a mistake. For this to be effective and consistent, the weight loss process must fit into one unit. That is to say: follow a healthy and balanced diet, respect sleep times and practice regular physical and sporting activity. And here are the best activities in the world of fitness that promote this weight loss.

Water aerobics

Aquagym is a gentle and complete practice that works all the muscles. With this activity, excess weight does not add fatigue because the body is carried by water. There is no joint constraint and the good expenditure of energy is accentuated by the aquatic environment. Finally, the body is “hidden” in the water, making it less complex for overweight people.

There are even more invigorating variants, such as the aquabike, which intensely stresses the cardiovascular system and allows you to burn between 400 and 600 calories in a single 45-minute session! Your silhouette is refined, the abdominal band and buttocks are heavily involved. Whatever the intensity, this aquatic, playful and musical discipline must be dynamically conducted by a certified and qualified coach.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an extremely effective method of losing weight and sharpening your figure. This split technique is very popular in fitness rooms. It consists of linking intense cardio sequences with short recovery phases. Practiced indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment, this discipline has the distinction of being very progressive and devilishly expensive in terms of energy.

HIIT can be practiced indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment.  (M. Humeau)

HIIT can be practiced indoors or outdoors, with or without equipment. (M. Humeau)

HIIT reduces body fat and thus slims the waistline. In just 30 minutes you burn between 300 and 500 calories (depending on the program and its intensity). So you burn the same number of calories as a traditional dish, but in half the time! But be careful, as with all other activities, to respect the recovery times essential for the reconstruction of your cells.


Zumba is a great cardiovascular activity for slimming and toning the body. It is a sequence of simple steps, on Latin music (influence of flamenco, merengue and salsa), alternating with fast and slow rhythms (for recovery).

The lesson, lasting one hour, allows you to burn between 400 and 500 calories. Provided you adopt a varied and healthy diet once again, Zumba can really make you lose weight. As a bonus, a playful and addicting side!

The fitness step (or stepper)

The step, used in fitness activities, is the calorie burner par excellence! It allows a considerable energy expenditure between 500 and 800 calories for just one hour of practice per day. The stepper or stepper is a rectangular type platform that allows you to take various steps and follow the choreographies composed by the coach. In addition to weight loss, walking effectively acts on concentration and coordination. Furthermore, the contribution of music in group lessons is a real booster, making the activity extremely fun and invigorating. Thanks to the step you will lose belly, refine your thighs and firm your buttocks while having fun! The must.

Cardio workout

Indoor cardio training is a good alternative to achieving your goals. Several ergocycles are often available to professionals, and each device carries its own nuance of work. Athletes can choose the treadmill, the bike (preferred to limit joint stress), the rowing machine or the elliptical (which is a bit more cardiovascular). The latter works about 75% of the muscles in the body while burning a maximum of calories. It reproduces the movements of cross-country skiing, and is very popular in fitness rooms. Interesting detail: during the cardio-training session, calories are consumed and fats continue to be eliminated a few hours after the effort. Nice !


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