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Peloton, the fitness app that combines sports and music


(ETX Daily Up) – In the prolonged absence of concerts and festivals, music lovers have had to find other platforms to get their fill of music. Peloton is one of them. The sports app has quickly established itself as a true music streaming service thanks to collaborations with artists such as Usher and Dillon Francis. Decryption.

Before the pandemic, Peloton was best known for its connected exercise bikes and treadmills. The American company is now equally popular for its sports programs to the beat of Lady Gaga and Queen songs. He recently announced a collaboration with the British rock band to include hits like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” in his fitness sessions. “Each Peloton x Queen playlist will exemplify the band’s sound in a way that will be unique to the courses [de sport] and the instructors, who are huge Queen fans themselves, ”Peloton said in a statement.

The connected fitness champion has entered into a similar partnership with award-winning rapper Usher, whose tracks are used to host some virtual dance classes. But that’s not all: the performer of “Yeah!” teamed up with sports coaches Ally Love and Emma Lovewell to teach amateur dancers the choreography of his song, “DJ Got Us Fallin ‘in Love”.

Training with Beyoncé and Dillon Francis

According to Gwen Bethel Riley, head of music at Peloton, this experience allows the company to give a new dimension to its sports sessions. “Usher is one of the most respected entertainers and dancers [l’industrie musicale]“The collaboration with Usher really elevated our Peloton Dance Cardio experience. It allowed us to produce a program designed to celebrate the moves you love in her famous music videos and his performances, set on the rousing soundtrack of his hits. “

Most importantly, this marketing strategy allows the New York start-up to limit the decline in sales of its subscriptions, after the boom at the beginning of the pandemic. While Peloton has long been acclaimed by celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Hugh Jackman and Usain Bolt, the health crisis has allowed him to win over a wider audience. The John Foley-led company now claims 5.9 million members, with subscription revenue reaching $ 281.6 million in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. However, the reopening of the gyms has clouded the future prospects of the start-up. The average number of monthly sessions per connected device went from 26 in the third quarter to 19.9 in the fourth.

To stem the phenomenon, Peloton focuses on the repositioning of the prices of its equipment and on the enhancement of sports content. Music and collaborations with leading artists can help them on this last point. Beyoncé has been collaborating with the brand since late 2020 as part of a multi-year partnership, which allows her to use her image and her music for her fitness sessions. More recently, the bike maker has surrounded himself with DJs Dillon Francis, Big Boi, Chromeo and John Michael Di Spirito to remaster Elvis Presley and Debbie Gibson’s hits for her fitness classes.

Part of Peloton’s DNA

While these initiatives may surprise you, they demonstrate the extent to which music is an integral part of Peloton’s DNA. So much so that the start-up organized its own virtual music festival, “All For One”, in July. For three days, its subscribers were able to practice to the rhythm of the songs of 25 artists such as Tina Turner, Demi Lovato and Pearl Jam. “We are constantly in contact with the music industry – they offer us [des choses]and we introduce them [des choses]Gwen Bethel Riley, vice president of music partnerships, told Variety.

But the start-up hasn’t always had peaceful relations with the music industry. The National Music Publishers association sued him in March 2019 for copyright infringement of a thousand songs used in his virtual sports lessons. The two sides reached an agreement less than a year later. Since then, Peloton has made amends by becoming one of the top payers in music streaming. The company pays artists better than industry giants like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, according to The Trichordist. Enough to encourage music to indulge in sports.

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