NÎMES Planète Fitness Carré Sud, the latest generation gym

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NÎMES Planète Fitness Carré Sud, the latest generation gym


The entrance to the new sports hall (Photo: All rights reserved)

(Advertising) In Carré Sud, Planète Fitness is the best in terms of gym. Bodybuilding, cardio, boxing, swimming pool or even group classes … This is the largest club in Occitania but also one of the best equipped with countless services. Discover this structure that manages to combine quality with affordable prices. A true 5-star fitness palace!

In Nîmes, the Planète Fitness-Carré Sud gym is at the forefront of the world of fitness. In a perpetual spirit of renewal, the manager, Nicolas Mousquès, comes out of a year of work. The restaurant has been expanded on three levels, or 3,000 square meters with the development of multiple services and the addition of numerous services. Noteworthy !

Mr. Mousquès is confident that he wants to make one of the most beautiful clubs in France available to Nîmes, ” if not the most beautiful“, He says with a half word. Immense volumes, clear and refined atmosphere, modern decorations that combine wood or precious materials help to create a favorable and unique atmosphere for practicing physical effort. Planète Fitness has thus risen to the rank of luxury gyms, with a starting subscription at 29.99 euros / month.

The modernity of this gym is also illustrated in the equipment and activities offered. The cardio area is made up of 70 connected machines. You can watch television, access the Internet, Netflix, Youtube, start virtual courses and even connect your smartphone during your exercises. Thus, on the treadmill, on the stairs, on the bike or on the elliptical, time no longer exists.

State-of-the-art devices

On the bodybuilding side, two large platforms with guided, comfortable and avant-garde machines, ideal for toning and shaping the muscles. The more experienced will be delighted to learn about the presence of the Sterling Free Load range to go further in increasing muscle volume on a huge 400m2 platform.

On the first of the three levels, four racks endless dumbbells … A weightlifting area surrounded by oak claustra will allow you to perform your squats and other exercises in a beautiful setting. A must for the female audience: a space dedicated to women with specific latest generation equipment.

The offer is completed by a fully equipped indoor and outdoor cross-training area: cages, rowing machines, bicycles or even kettlebells … Finally, four fitness rooms are also offered with group lessons with coaches but also with free access.

A complete service to meet
on customer request

The service differentiates us from low cost rooms! With us you train in a luxurious place with a coach, advice and true follow-up “, Says the manager,” we go as far as measuring the client’s body composition to follow its evolution! “Several coaches are always in the room to advise on the use of the machines or to establish a program. Coaches are also present for boxing, biking, water, cross training and all fitness classes.

Group lessons indoors or in the pool

A good gym is also recognized by the group lessons offered there. Here, too, you will not be disappointed: upstairs, a huge room of 250 m², with mirrors and windows, offers the best conditions for taking classes in Zumba, Afro, muscle building, pilates or fitness, abs-buttocks, etc. Courses with screens are also offered, which make it possible not to penalize early risers and night owls.

The new aquatic area with sauna and hammam (Photo: all rights reserved)

On the same level, a boxing studio with punching bag, a bike room with 30 bicycles and a pole dance studio are freely accessible. Lessons with a coach are also offered. One of the most interesting novelties is certainly the aquatic area of ​​300 square meters with a swimming pool of over 100 square meters.

You will find a swimming pool with aqua gym, aquaboxing, aquatrampo and even aquabike lessons. The space also includes a sauna and a hammam. After the effort, comfort!

These advantages that make the difference

Speaking of comfort, Planète Fitness-Carré Sud is setting up a non-stop “Poke Wawe” restaurant area. The concept allows you to compose your salad with ingredients healthy. In addition, when it comes to nutrition and hydration, the club has the latest grapi-active machine. This subscription will allow you to refill your water bottle every hour with a drink specially adapted for physical activity and sport.

In the four corners of the restaurant, relaxation areas and high-speed wifi have been set up to make every visit to the restaurant a unique experience. The changing rooms are huge and very luxurious with showers, individual lockers, hairdryers, towels …

More than a gym, Planète Fitness Carré Sud offers a unique experience in an exceptional setting. On the price side, it is one of the few sports halls to have removed the commitments on season tickets, following the health emergency. You are no longer busy and you can take advantage of your subscription in complete freedom.

The base price is only € 29.99 / month, to which you can add options. A more than accessible luxury not to be missed under any circumstances!

Carré Sud has its own “Planète Fitness France” application to download on your smartphone. With your identifiers, the coaches send you your personalized programs. You will also be able to access training programs shot by the club’s coaches and live lessons to do at home.

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