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gym concept based on experience and digital


After 3 years of research and development, analysis, studies and co-creations, Fitness Park developed in June 2020 in Madrid an innovative concept of gym based on experience and digital technology.

This new concept is intended to be developed in all the new clubs of the brand, in France and abroad, to encourage sporting practice and build loyalty, thanks to data, personalization and forecasting of sporting results.

Fitness Park is convinced that the fitness market will recover very quickly because the French are concerned about their health *. For the acquisition, the brand wants to improve and modernize the dining experience and strengthen member loyalty with this new concept.

Fitness Park, sports halls enriched by games

To create this disruptive concept around the game, Fitness Park used the same recipe of video games in which experience and immersion are the key to success.

Accompanied by their own 3D avatar, each member follows a personalized course, controlled by their own application for tailored sports and nutritional training. Together, they evolve into a visual universe (immersive screens, VR viewers, next-generation design), olfactory (which evolves along the way) and musical (customized according to the area).

An inseparable element of the game, the challenge is at the center of the experience. Equipped with the connected belt to count their “fitness” points, each member can track their progress, compare notes with other members or even launch community challenges.

At the crossroads between real and virtual

At the crossroads between physical and virtual but also in the balance between reality and play, Fitness Park offers the possibility of evolving into a gym where worlds merge and merge: an immersive virtual reality boxing session, challenges between players such as video games, a unique connected cardio concept, a 3D avatar, a restaurant area to relax, etc.

The experience doesn’t stop there, the very concept of these new Fitness Parks is to encourage members to walk through the club grounds. Fitness Park is no longer just a physical training venue, it is becoming a mobile and digital community. Launched in 2021 and open to all, the Home Park platform allows you to train anywhere and anytime through Live and VOD training sessions offering the possibility to chat with a coach or nutritionist. The MyFitnessPark application, reserved for members, allows complete monitoring of their progress with tailor-made training programs and practical and unique features.

It is no longer a simple gym but a multi-experience living space. To reach the next generation, we need to be experts in the new attention economy. Thanks to a gamified, intuitive and modern service, we maintain the attention, and therefore the motivation, of our members to help them overcome themselves and improve their health through sport. ”

Thomas Mendonça – CEO Digital & Innovation Fitness Park

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