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Fitness, what is it exactly? We tell you everything!


Fitness has been a buzzword for several years now. A true sporting trend, everyone will find something for themselves.

In fact, people who are not very athletic can quickly devote themselves to sports thanks to the fitness disciplines for beginners. The most athletic have found their passion in the most advanced disciplines. As for professionals, the vast majority of sports graduates have undertaken group or personalized coaching courses in the gym or independently.

In short, the “Fitness” has opened a new area, and this, all over the world. Yes, doing fitness is being in the game. But what is fitness itself?

The in-depth definition of the word “Fitness”

His practice could really be beneficial to your body and mind … But that’s not really his first definition. The etymology of the term “fitness” actually includes several individual activities, such as weight training, cardio circuits, but also group activities, such as zumba classes, weight training classes on the mat that gym members love: abs, buttocks, body pump … Everything to improve physical condition. And for good reason, all of these activities aim to help with weight loss, work on endurance, build muscle, stretch and work the whole body.

Performance doubled in efficiency

Those who have practiced fitness for several years know that this discipline is a real winning cocktail. Why ? Because thanks to the multitude of fitness activities you can easily transform your body in a short time. Unlike dance which “only” does cardio or legs in general, or even boxing which focuses more on the upper body, this discipline allows you to refine and develop your muscles completely. In fact, running or rowing indoors burns calories. Then complete with a muscle strengthening session focused on the upper body, or abs, or lower body. For a complete and effective practice, take some time to stretch. Ideal for promoting muscle relaxation and relieving the tensions of bad days.

Fitness, who is it for?

To everyone. The advantage of different intensities and activities makes this discipline an ideal sport for everyone. Beginners with home exercises, intermediate with higher weights or exercises or professionals with intense workouts. But also passionate about sports, dancing with Zumba or simply getting in shape with group lessons.

One thing is certain, with fitness you will inevitably find what you are looking for!

Ofelia Moisant

Curious and passionate writer who likes to bring to light the latest trends and share her tips on Health and Sport!

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