Fitness snacks for sports when you don’t have time

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Fitness snacks for sports when you don’t have time


Those who don’t have enough 24 hours in a day will be delighted with this new sporting trend. Fitness snacks are ideal for busy moms and dads or for working bosses. It consists in practicing a physical effort of short duration, several times in duration. This technique is all the easier to adopt when working from home. For the rest, in the breaks to catch your breath between two lines and lunch, the fitness snack is as much as possible.

What is the fitness snack?

Contrary to what you might think, fitness snacks have nothing to do with food, so it’s not about eating and exercising at the same time. It would be too good. Here, the term “snack” can be translated as “split into several pieces”. It is therefore a question of distributing one’s physical activity several times in the same day: a little in the morning, between noon and two, then in the evening. A US report published in the newspaper Applied physiology, nutrition and metabolism in January 2019, he showed the advantages of this method. For the study, the participants were divided into two groups: on the one hand, those who climbed three floors with the equivalent of sixty steps, three times a day for six weeks, and the others, who did nothing. The researchers thus noted an improvement in the cardiorespiratory condition. If it is difficult to get visual results quickly by playing sports for fifteen minutes, it is still enough to keep fit and clear your head.

How to practice a fitness snack?

Fitness snacks are suitable for a wide variety of sports. If we find it difficult to do a bodybuilding session by cutting it out, we can instead adapt this method more easily to yoga, pilates, walking, running, skipping, or even cardio. . In reality, this technique has no fixed rule, other than regularity. Indeed, it is by regularly performing exercises that psychological but also physical results will appear. Furthermore, according to the WHO, the ideal is to practice at least 20-25 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. For example, you can start the day by waking up 15 minutes earlier to do yoga or walk to work. Before lunch, take a walk for lunch. On the way home, go up the five floors instead of taking the elevator. Finally, end the day with a 15-minute run or Hiit session. Fitness snacks aren’t complicated to set up, but they do require daily rearranging. However, the first benefits will appear easily and these rituals will help you step back.

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