Fitness Park installs barber shops in its clubs

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Fitness Park installs barber shops in its clubs


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Of Nicola Monier

The acquisition of new members must go through the diversification of offers. This was understood by the group led by Philippe Herbette, who has just launched on TikTok as well.

Fitness Park is off the beaten track. Aware of the need to be more than just a gym, the brand managed by Philippe Herbette now offers a barber service on its premises. This is for Fitness Park to move to the high end and position itself in the “high value low price” segment. A premium service at its best, but which must remain as attractive as possible. The first barber shop, designed in collaboration and exclusively with the Fit’Care operator, opened in June 2021 in the Saint-Ouen branch (93). In addition, two brand licensing clubs based in Villepinte (93) and Bezons (95) followed.

“With this social club concept, we want to attract non-members, potential potential customers, intrigued by this unusual service in a fitness club. We therefore wanted this mini studio, about 10 m2, is immediately visible in the shop window. For a total wow effect “Explain Nicolas Paquayconcept & product manager at Fitness Park Group.

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For the Fitness Park concessionaire, who has nothing to pay out of his own pocket, it is sufficient to have the appropriate surface to allow the establishment of this barber. Subsequently, the partner Fit’Care takes care of setting up the site and the work.

“We offer our licensees a turnkey service. The barbers, two in number, work inside the premises during the opening hours of the latter “go on Nicolas Paquay.

Note that 4 new openings are planned in 2022 in the cities of Clichy (92), Nice (06), Rouen (76) and Gap (05). In addition to the acquisition of new members, this concept aims to transform the Fitness Park clubs into a real place of life, this in its own right, playing the wellness card.

As we can see, after these many months of closure, the brand is trying to cook any wood. This is also how Fitness Park joined the TikTok platform last January. To ensure its launch on this network dedicated mainly to 18/24 year olds, the brand turned to the Sleeq agency, specialized in TikTok strategy and content creation, as well as two Tiktokeur coaches from Fitness Park, connoisseurs of platform and its uses. It is therefore up to the brand, through this initiative, to capture a community in tune with its core target.

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