Fitness center or gym, what are the differences?

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Fitness center or gym, what are the differences?


The French and Belgians are more and more fans of fitness centers, especially in the last five years. Fitness centers are becoming popular at lightning speed in several French cities. However, too often we confuse fitness centers and gyms, which have many similarities but also points of divergence that it is important to underline. Also, it is sometimes difficult select the best centers. We will therefore try to explain these points to you in the best possible way.

Difference between fitness centers and gyms

fitness equipment

Fitness centers are generally more complete and offer sessions and equipment originally intended for athletes, both amateur and professional, while gyms are more or less basic gyms that offer training sessions in addition to the sports equipment you need to get in shape. However, they are considered by many to be not as complete as fitness centers.

However, in a fitness room you will find everything you need to get back into shape. You can do cardio, bodybuilding and flexibility exercises. It is often more motivating to go to the gym than trying to exercise at home without equipment and without a dedicated place like a gym.

Another big difference between fitness centers and gyms is the size of the latter.

fitness centerFitness centers are larger compared to the halls, mainly because they can offer additional activities such as swimming, golf, tennis, etc. More generally, we can say that, despite the similarities, a fitness center remains larger and offers more complete and varied programs with equipment considered more “professional”.

Some fitness centers also dedicate part of their premises small conferences and meetings with the aim of sharing news, advice, or raising awareness and bringing athletes closer to the various sports offered in the center and at the healthy snack and drink bar.

What are the best fitness centers in France?

There are several fitness centers in France, we will classify them based on customer reviews of athletes, beginners or professionals. The first center we will talk about is the one located in Tours, the Center Hall Gym.

fitness class

This center offers several courses and training sessions of various fitness activities. The Studio Sport center is also one of the most diverse centers and offers group or individual fitness sessions. Among the other fitness clubs included in the list of the most appreciated and valued centers in France, we can mention:

  • The Eclub Tour of Saint-Avertin;
  • Limoges fitness area;
  • The Beynost fitness center;
  • The West Club of Suresnes;
  • The family fitness center in Vaujours;
  • Grenoble Fitness Park.

As you may have understood, if you wish to subscribe to a fitness center, you will benefit not only from quality fitness training, but also from access to many other services such as water aerobics, swimming, athletics, tennis and golf. You will also have the opportunity to be accompanied and to receive advice from real professionals.

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