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Fitness: 5 personalities to follow


A new way to practice fitness

While gyms are among the most popular options for exercise, there are still other alternatives for practicing fitness. Among these, the digital. In fact, with the growing success of social networks, several coaches or fans have decided to share their advice and training online for free. Viewable at any time, the videos, available on Instagram but also on Youtube, allow you to play the exercises wherever you want, whenever you want. This new way of practicing fitness is attracting the masses, so much so that some accounts now have several million subscribers. 12 minutes abs and buttocks, 25 minutes lower abdomen and flat stomach, 30 minutes fat burning, how to get abs in two weeks, … The videos, generally short, are numerous and particularly targeted. However, the training does not stop there: influencers and influencers do not hesitate to propose live sessions, some of which bring together more than 50,000 people.

Videos available on Instagram and Youtube

To offer the most complete training possible but also to support their community on a daily basis, fitness girls mainly combine Instagram accounts and Youtube channels. If sports lessons are generally given by Youtube videos, these sports fans use Instagram to have daily contact with their followers trying to convey their energy and motivation. In addition, beyond the physical exercises, many share recipes and wellness tips. So, whether you have fitness in your skin or looking to work out every now and then, shares the 5 most followed female fitness accounts to guide you in your workouts and give you a boost.

1. Cloe Ting

With 3.4 million subscribers on Instagram and 21.7 million on YouTube, this fitness enthusiast is a point of reference. Offering quick videos (ideal for a lunch break) but very targeted, Cloe Ting it enchants both expert sportsmen and amateurs. The proof, some have more than 39 million views. His flagship video? How to get abs in 2 weeks!

Happy Instagram

These contents can also be viewed on the site they come from.

2. Pamela Reif

Between lively music and encouraging comments, the 25-year-old German is now followed by 8 million people on Instagram and nearly as many on Youtube. For more fun but equally effective training sessions, we recommend his cardio dance sessions.


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