discover the new SVOD service that promises to make Freebox subscribers sweat

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discover the new SVOD service that promises to make Freebox subscribers sweat


Equilibre-Fitness: discover the new SVOD service that promises to make Freebox subscribers sweat

Back to school and an opportunity to (re) pick up good habits, such as regular sports. Maybe with Équilibre-Fitness, a video on demand service recently made available on Freeboxes that we invite you to discover today.

A little earlier this month, a new video on demand service landed on Freeboxes, with the promise of making you sweat. Called Équilibre-Fitness and with a cost of 9.99 euros per month after a free 30-day trial, it gives unlimited access to fitness classes in video format from 6 to 25 minutes under the supervision of fitness professionals. It is aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Today, Univers Freebox offers you a small tour of the owner.

See you in the video section

To access Équilibre-Fitness, simply log into the Freebox Video-Club.

The first time it will be sufficient to confirm the subscription to the service, which will then be carried out with the Freebox subscription. There is no need to create an additional account then. Also note that there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

A simple interface

Équilibre-Fitness does not reinvent the wheel on the interface side. We have a navigation sidebar and a grid of thumbnails that give access to the different contents.

As for the courses, they can be followed in the form of programs by selecting the different sections. Everyone should find what they are looking for, be it those who return to sports after expiring during the holidays (“Special Recovery”), those who have a few pounds to shed (“Weight Loss”) or those who are simply looking for a little maintenance (” Slowly “). The more motivated can turn to the” Challenger “or” Tonification “section. During the selection, we have access to the objective, the necessary attendances and the results.

But the lessons can also revolve around a particular activity in the “Home” section, where the different activities available are displayed (“6 minutes express”, “Boxing & Fitness”, “Circuit-Training”, Focus Abdos “,” Glute Focus ”,“ Yoga ”,“ Stretching ”, etc.) with the videos sorted by level.

An essential but effective player

The video player offers the essential, which is a progress bar in the course. Advance, rewind or pause / play is performed with the media playback buttons on the Freebox remote control. You can also move forward or backward through the different stages using the arrows on the multidirectional cross.

Something well regarded by the service: the display, in the upper part, of the entire program, and in the lower part, of the duration and the remaining time. Enough to keep tabs on the news without having to touch the remote.

The My Account section

The “My Account” section, at the top of the navigation sidebar, simply allows you to find out the status of your subscription and to unsubscribe. No more, no less.


With Équilibre-Fitness, that’s the promise of a sports coach at home without breaking the bank. And it must be admitted that the classic and efficient interface, the well thought out and fluid video player, the diversified, interesting and well presented contents make the proposal interesting. Plus, you have a 30-day free trial and the ability to unsubscribe at any time. Perhaps an opportunity to start if your schedule makes it difficult to attend a gym.

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