Answers to 6 common fitness questions we all have

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Answers to 6 common fitness questions we all have


Getting into the world of fitness can seem complicated. Getting into a routine if you’ve never exercised before seems complicated, and setting goals can be a little daunting, forcing some to give up before they’ve even tried. And those who decide to stay often have questions about the fitness process. We have decided to answer these questions, which are the same ones that appear in the frequently asked questions compiled by the experts at Reddit Fitness.

How do I choose the right routine for my goals?

Experts say that choosing an exercise program is one of the most complex subjects, especially in the beginning, because it is difficult to know which of all the fitness experts is right or who has the best methods. . If you notice that information sometimes contradicts each other, it’s important to pay attention. What some point out is that effort and consistency over time are more important than the type of routine you choose. It’s also important to remember that workouts can have different effects on different people, so it’s nearly impossible to know what’s best until you’ve tried it. Here it is recommended that you try things out and see the results they give. If it doesn’t work, move on to another try and if it works, keep the pace and look for other exercises to accompany it.

Should I gain weight to gain muscle or lose weight?

Some men want to gain muscle mass, which requires weight gain, others are simply trying to lose weight and gain muscle later or just to maintain a lighter weight. If you have a slim body but normal appearance, it can be difficult to decide what you want to achieve. Ultimately, if you are as muscular as you want but not as skinny, you need to lose weight. If you are thin but not muscular enough, you need to gain weight and if your goal is physical performance, try to avoid losing too much weight.

How can I motivate myself to continue training?

Motivation is undoubtedly one of the main problems we encounter when we want to adopt a sports routine. What some advise is not to think in terms of consistency or discipline, but only in terms of creating a habit. We can start exercising every day or every few days to get into a routine and once this new habit has formed it will be easier for us to switch to other routines.

Can i lose fat and build muscle at the same time?

It depends on the relationship between weight and muscle. An overweight person without training will be able to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. A thin person will not achieve this and risk losing muscle mass by reducing body fat. What is recommended in the first place is to choose between the two options, build muscle or lose fat, and once you have achieved one goal, focus on the other.

How should I train to look like an actor or a celebrity?

It’s not uncommon to see the workouts of Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth, and others online. However, there is no guarantee that by following these training programs, your body will react in the same way. As mentioned, a routine can be different for everyone, and how actors train to achieve a superhero figure is a method of its own. As mentioned, this is a trial and error process, just ask yourself if you are looking for more muscle or if you just want to lose weight, this will be your foundation to start from first.

I’m not making progress, what can I do?

Again. As mentioned, every body is different and reacts differently to different exercises. If you don’t see results, the mistake could be that you have opted for a routine that doesn’t work for you. Other factors include lack of sleep, stress, health, and of course, diet. Review your meal plan and make changes as needed.

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