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The second season of Strange New Worlds, starring Paul Wesley –


The first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds arrives in May, but production of the second season has already begun. And today Paramount + made a big announcement about an iconic character.

Kirk forward Strange new worlds

the Vampire Diaries Star Paul Wesley has joined the cast of the second season of Paramount + Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Wesley will play the role of James T. Kirk, a character introduced for the first time Star Trek: The Original Series and played by William Shatner. There are currently no details on whether Wesley will be a series regular, or will have a guest or recurring role in Season 2.

Paramount also released the first image of Wesley as Kirk.

Paul Wesley as Kirk in Strange New Worlds

In a statement, executive producer Alex Kurtzman and showrunners / executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers said of the casting:

Paul is an established actor, a striking presence, and a key welcome addition to the show. Like all of us, he’s a longtime Star Trek fan and we’re thrilled with his take on this iconic role.

Paul Wesley

UPDATE: Wesley’s statement

Paul Wesley followed the news with a Twitter comment saying he is “deeply honored” to have “the honor of playing the inimitable James T Kirk,” nothing he’s been a fan of the franchise for since he was a kid. He also shared a recent picture of himself with William Shatner.

His Twitter thread goes on to conclude:

I can’t wait for all of you to see our Captain Kirk on your screens.

UPDATE 2: Shatner responds

William Shatner responded to Paul Wesley on Twitter, offering his congratulations. He also said, “Keep my ship and crew safe, Captain!”

Captain Kirk?

In addition to Wesley’s commentary, the image (above) released by Paramount + also shows the actor as Kirk in a Starfleet uniform with the rank of captain in the command chair. The first season of Strange new worlds is set in the year 2259. Kirk assumed command of the USS Enterprise at the age of 32 in 2265, succeeding Captain Christopher Pike. Before Enterprise Kirk served aboard the USS Republic as a midshipman, the USS Farragut as a lieutenant and as an instructor at the Starfleet Academy. If the second season of Strange new worlds progressed by just a year to 2260, it would have been too early in canon for Kirk to be a captain, and far too early for him to serve aboard the USS Enterprise. Staying true to canon, Wesley’s Captain Kirk could appear if the show’s setting jumps forward, or a flash forward into the future, or even through time travel.

William Shatner as James T. Kirk in “Where No One Has Been Before”

Already spotted filming in Toronto

Production of the second season of 10 episodes of Strange new worldsand Wesley has already been spotted while filming on location. Toronto Filming on Twitter posted an image of the actor on Monday, along with co-star Christina Chong (La’an Noonien-Singh). If you look closely, each wears a different badge, indicating that Wesley’s Kirk is assigned to a different ship, as was the tradition in the TOS era.

TikToker savvvyyyyd got some footage of the couple and even took a selfie with Wesley.


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♬ Good Day – Roots of diapers

Wesley in Vampire Diaries

Wesley is best known for his starring role the Vampire Diaries, which was the CW’s most watched series for 8 seasons, where he also served as a director and producer. In the clip below you can see Wesley in both directing and acting the Vampire Diaries.

Strange new worlds the first season coming in May

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds debuts May 5, streaming exclusively on Paramount + in the United States, Latin America, Australia and the Nordic countries. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada, with additional international availability to be announced at a later date.

You can watch the trailer below.

[International fans can watch at]

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