The cover of the new Machine Gun Kelly album looks like that of Japanese Breakfast

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The cover of the new Machine Gun Kelly album looks like that of Japanese Breakfast


UPDATE (3/14): Michelle Zauner joined the Japanese Breakfast 2021 joke Jubilee cover and Machine Gun Kelly Sold out loose similarities of album covers. “The feud of the year 2022”, she tweeted, sharing the article below. He also discussed the story in an interview with pitchfork. “I don’t really think it looks like my album cover at all,” she said, “but I think it’s a lot of fun that RollingStone put an article about it just because there is a circular fruit in the foreground. I mean, his are people throwing tomatoes at him, and mine are the persimmons that surround me peacefully, so I think they’re very different concepts. “


Outside of the music itself, one of the most dazzling aspects of Japanese Breakfast’s 2021 album Jubilee is the cover, which features Michelle Zauner decked out in khakis.

“Persimmons are quite present in many Asian cultures, as gifts you give to people,” Zauner said RollingStone last year. “I had seen a picture of these hanging persimmons that are dried over the winter and made into sweet nuts. And I really like the idea of ​​this very bitter and hard fruit before it’s ripe, showing off and ripening slowly and getting sweeter and letting its environment influence it. It seemed like a very suitable metaphor for where I come from.

On Monday, Machine Gun Kelly revealed the album cover for her upcoming LP Sold out. MGK and Zauner don’t share many similarities, aside from tattoos, but we can now add covers to the circle of common elements in their Venn diagram.

japanese breakfast machine gun kelly

Instead of people, Sold out features a series of crushed mauve tomatoes on the wall, while MGK poses with his guitar. We have already mentioned 2021 as the year of fruit, but we will welcome more and more production contents.

Sold out arrives on March 25th and so far MGK have released two singles before its release: “Ay!” with Lil Wayne and “Emo Girl” with Willow. She also ditched the tracklist, which you can check out below.

Sold out Track list

1. Born with horns
2. God save me
3. Maybe Feat. Bring me the horizon
4. Dealer feat. little Wayne
5. Wall of Fame (Interlude)
6. Sold out
7. Make Up Sex Feat. Black bear
8. Emo Girl Feat. Willow
10. Paper cuts (album version)
11. WW4
12. Yes! Business. little Wayne
13. False love doesn’t last. Ian Dior
14. Die in California feat. Gunna and the young thug
15. Sid and Nancy
16. Twin Flame

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