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‘Good trouble’: [Spoiler] Departure in season 4


Warning: the following contains spoilers for Wednesday Good trouble. Proceed at your own risk!

There will be no more Good trouble for Callie and Jamie after Wednesday’s episode, which saw their performers Maia Mitchell and Beau Mirchoff come out of the drama Freeform.

For Mitchell, who first started playing Callie The fans in 2013 before being the headliner of the spinoff with TV co-star / sister Cierra Ramirez, leaving the show was “a completely personal decision about my life,” he explains to TVLine in the following video. “I moved to America [from Australia] when I was very young. It was really hard for me, to be honest, to be away from family. I spent all my twenties, practically, in another country, [which] I wouldn’t necessarily have done this if it wasn’t for my job. I have found so much comfort and family in The fans cast and crew and then Good trouble. “

But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, restricting travel, Mitchell found that being separated from her family and not being able to reach them, should something happen, “has become a little too much for me,” explains the lecturer. ‘actress. Speaking to the producers, “I was like, ‘I need to be able to be home right now.’ When you go through something like this, things are really clear, and I just knew the time had come and I just had to prioritize my family and my mental health. Oh my Godit was a really tough decision, and it was a really tough one, hard couple of episodes “.

After learning of Mitchell’s decision, showrunner Joanna Johnson – who wrote this week’s thrilling episode – decided to create “a very dignified and very Favors / good troubles goodbye ”for Callie. “I asked her if she would give us a couple of episodes of the fourth season to really do it right,” says Johnson. “Because once the decision was made, I didn’t want Callie to suddenly leave in the Season 3 finale … she was lovely and she said, ‘Of course she’ll be back.’ She then she went home and then she came back to do those episodes for us. “

Good trouble Callie walking awayOf course, from Callie promotes Moms Lena and Stef and her brother Jude traveled to Los Angeles to help Callie break the news to her sister Mariana that she would be moving to Washington, DC in two days for her dream job at ACLU.

“I’m really, really proud of how we’ve come together. I thought he was really thoughtful, ”Mitchell says of Callie’s goodbye. “It’s good to see Callie out of her and to be excited for her and to see so much growth. It was really important to me that she was chasing something that she really wanted that wasn’t from a place of reaction, that it came from her taking control of her and taking command of her.

There was one person, however, that Callie didn’t say goodbye to: her ex-boyfriend Jamie. Just when it seemed like she might leave without sharing her big news with him, he showed up on the same flight as her. By a twist of fate, she had even landed a new job in Washington

“Jamie’s presence on that plane is just the icing on the cake,” Mitchell says, adding that he was “clapping” when he read the scene. “I was so happy. I always cheered for them.”

The “Jallie” ending was actually what Johnson had in his pocket for a while. “I launched it a long time ago [she] he would have boarded the plane and been there if Maia had left the show, “reveals Johnson.” But then I thought, ‘Is this too random?’ The writers and I have talked about it, and we all agree that the fans want it. There has to be a bit of a happy ending, and it was just like one of those romantic comedy moments that, even if it’s a coincidence, forgive because it makes you feel good. “

Good trouble Callie / Jamie

Plus, “the chemistry that those two have is simply undeniable, and the idea that the universe keeps putting them together felt like a really funny romantic comedy moment that we couldn’t resist,” says Johnson. “So it looked like we had to do it. We had to send them away together towards sunset. “

Of course, that also meant greeting another member of Mirchoff’s cast, who agreed with the plan. “Beau is so amazing. He is the cutest guy in the world and such a talented actor, and he was all for it. He understood perfectly, “Johnson says.” I think she really loves this show and doing the show, and we loved having it … But her story is with Callie. If Callie leaves, it seems like she has to leave. [with her]. “

Mirchoff – who “had no idea” he would still play Jamie years later when he booked a three-episode arc on The fans – is “so extremely grateful for the job opportunity and everyone involved,” he says, adding that he and Mitchell had “a really great chemistry, and I love her, we get along, we have fun. [was] a real pleasure and a great job to be a part of. “

Looking back on Callie and Jamie’s journey and where they ended up, Mirchoff notes that the two have “lived so much together, and I think what remains between them is mutual respect, love and admiration. In the penultimate episode, they have that scene at the restaurant and everything in there. It’s a lot in the subtext, it’s a lot in their appearance, in the way they are physically with each other. They really care about each other. I think it was important to make it and I think it was. “

As for what awaits Callie and Jamie in their new hometown, Johnson is keeping his mouth shut in hopes that Mitchell and / or Mirchoff will return for a visit. (“I hope that happens. [But] I don’t know what’s in store, ”says Mirchoff, as Mitchell suggests“ it’s definitely very likely you’ll see a little bit of Callie again. ”) Meanwhile, Mirchoff has his own theories about the couple’s romantic future.

“I don’t know if they should be together right now,” he admits. «The seed is planted, what if [there’s] enough water and sun and keep pests away, maybe that plant can grow. Obviously I’m so close to the role and everything I like together. But then there’s the other part where it would be nice for her to stay single for a while. It appears that she has basically been a serial monogamist for quite some time. So it would be nice for her to be single and focus on her new job and her DC. But at the same time, maybe fate is at stake here, and maybe they are meant to be together. “

Adds Mitchell: “I think they’re right for each other now that they’ve had their time apart and been able to meet their values ​​in between. They are a kind of unstoppable little duo [who’s] I’m going to get the DC “

Good trouble fans, what do you think of the double exit? Hit the comments! And hit PLAY above to see Mitchell and Ramirez describe how difficult it was to get over Callie and Mariana’s tearful separation.

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