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Final recap “The Bachelor”: the worst happy ending


For a moment, it seemed The bachelor it would have a happy ending, not for Clayton, who had broken heart after heart in a staggering series of insensitive decisions. No, it was a happy ending for us fans: the season’s star turned villain was forced to pay for her crimes, with Susie completely rejecting Clayton after he wasted everything trying to be with her. But then, we had the former love of the car. Apparently, between Clayton’s Icelandic ruin and Tuesday night, everything worked out. And so, instead, we got the most frustrating “Happy Ending” ever.

Clayton has spent most of the season looking like a good guy. But Nice Guys are often only nice as long as everyone does what they want. Once someone rejected it, everything went out of control. With three episodes remaining, Clayton decided to tell all three remaining women that he was in love with them, then yelled angrily at Susie, the one he said he loved the most, because he disapproved of having sex with others. two women. After she left, he humiliated Gabby and Rachel by making them come to the most elegant and acoustically sounding building in Iceland and listening to him explain that he was having sex and falling in love with everyone. They cried explosively, but somehow he convinced them to believe she still loved them and convinced them to stay.

Then came Tuesday night’s episode, which started with about 100 of the most brutal minutes in the show’s history. Despite he begging Gabby and Rachel to stay, Clayton realizes his heart is actually on Susie, so he calls Gabby and Rachel together to break up with them, apparently he didn’t care enough about them to dump them individually. . Plus he doesn’t shed a tear as he breaks their hearts for the second time. Or maybe a third time? Difficult to keep track.

Gabby responds with righteous fury, analyzing how and why Clayton’s actions last week were confusing and hypocritical. “You asked us to stay because you were pissed off and your pride was hurt when Susie left you,” she says. “It would have been my decision [to leave] which you didn’t want it to be, and now it’s your decision, so it’s easy. She calls her claims about love “bullshit” about her and when Clayton asks if he can get her out of her, she replies as if it’s the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever said to her. Rachel, meanwhile, is reduced to a desperate cry unable to utter more than a few words at a time. “You gave me nothing, and what little you gave me, I kept,” Rachel says through her tears. “I promise you, when you look back on this, it will haunt you.” She lets Clayton walk her out of her, muttering repeatedly “I can’t believe you’re going to put me in the car right now.”

And so, somehow still confident in his own decision-making process, Clayton switches to Susie. But Susie is still hurt by the aggressive way Clayton yelled at her last night. “I felt like a stray dog ​​that walked into your house that you were chasing away,” she says. “If you have love for me as a person, how could you treat me this way? You made me feel bad and wrong. That, for me, was heartbreak “. Clayton convinces Susie to meet him on an Icelandic farm, then pulls out a ring and makes some kind of proposal, but Susie flatly rejects him. She makes it clear that she doesn’t love him in the same way he loves her and completely closes the door on any possible future reconciliation.

It was gratifying to see Clayton’s total lack of consideration for the women he supposedly loved to finally join him. He would spit poison on Susie after she told him she wasn’t interested in her anymore; now she Susie was telling him that hardness was the reason she couldn’t be with him. He had made Gabby and Rachel believe that he cared for them, only to dump them with an emotionless calm that indicated that he had never done it, only that Susie had fired him in the same flat tone. All three women had cut their own way: Gabby with her precise analysis of what Clayton had done wrong; Rachel with a cascade of emotions; Susie with the final refusal.

Clayton had become the first bachelor to be rejected so completely. You would think this would be a disaster for a show that is supposedly considered successful when the protagonist finds love, but it was one of the best stories in the history of the show. While most seasons follow a routine formula, this one only started to be compelling when Clayton went off script and was punished for choosing the path that inflicted the most pain possible. It was gutting, but addicting … and right. When Gabby and Rachel finally got a chance to confront Clayton in the live portion of Tuesday night’s episode, the crowd cheered them on.

And then, in the last 10 minutes of the season, a happy ending appeared out of nowhere. After Gabby and Rachel sufficiently dragged him across the “After the Final Rose” stage, Clayton told us that one of his season’s women had contacted him and they were dating. They then showed us the high heels of the mystery woman, while Jesse Palmer tried to maintain the suspense for about 35 seconds. Then, Susie walked out. She explained that Clayton is her boyfriend, and they laughed and smiled like children with a million jokes in them. Clayton has revealed that they will be moving in together.

What the hell happened ?! while passed Bachelor the love stories changed in the months between the end of filming and the finale airing, the show generally managed to get the cameras to capture that moment. When Arie decided he would break up with Becca to marry Lauren instead, the Bachelor the cameras were there. When Hannah learned the truth about Jed, the Hen party the cameras were there. Last season, they documented that Matt James learned about Rachael’s upsetting past. But this time around, we were simply told that everything had worked out for Clayton and Susie, even though our last look at Clayton and Susie seemed to make it clear and strong that this was never going to happen. We didn’t see Clayton redeem herself, and we didn’t get to see Susie deal with the emotions she clearly had to go through to change her mind about Clayton. We just got a sudden cut from Clayton that was rightfully destroyed by everyone who smiles. For a show that invasively films every moment for months, the biggest development this season has happened offscreen.

The happy ending to season 26 wasn’t an example of a TV show turning fans away before hitting them with a last-minute twist. It was a totally inexplicable 180. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise to see that Clayton was done with Susie, but legitimately disconcerting. The last few hours of the show had not only suggested this outcome was impossible, but made us feel like we didn’t want to. The events of the show made it clear that Susie was too good for Clayton and that Clayton didn’t deserve to be happy unless he seriously dealt with the selfishness and neglect that had caused so much pain to everyone involved. Then we were expected to applaud when it all worked out anyway.

Biggest Winners: Gabby and Rachel

Luckily, The bachelor he quickly broke away from the happy couple and Jesse Palmer quickly switched from Clayton to the people we were really interested in: Gabby and Rachel. He explained that next season’s The bachelorette party a single format will follow, with both of them serve as a bachelorette party. And although the show has announced more leads previously, most notably with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, when the men voted which perk they preferred soon after their arrival, Jesse ensured that both women will be bachelorette parties for the whole season.

Gabby and Rachel looked legitimately surprised by the news, giggling and hugging as their families watched. They also seemed a little confused by the format, and to be honest, I am too.

  • Will Gabby and Rachel choose from the same group of men? Or will there be a group for Gabby and a group for Rachel?
  • Should we watch the men introduce themselves to both women on opening night? It will take you two hours alone.
  • Who can choose who stays? Each of them will receive a certain amount of roses to choose who remains?
  • What if they are both interested in the same guy?
  • What if, uh, a guy falls in love with both of them? And does he sleep with both of them?
  • Can we at least make sure that none of the guys can claim to be in love with Gabby or Rachel and then choose a third bachelorette party?

As much as everyone was immediately happy for Gabby and Rachel, it almost seems a little bad that they were selected for this unprecedented season of The bachelorette party. After all, they just went through a thing where they shared a guy. It will be painful to see if they are once again forced to compete with each other after all they have been through. Why couldn’t the show’s producers be able to pick just one? Who am I … Clayton?

But one of the saving aspects of the season was how Gabby and Rachel continued to comfort each other in the final moments, even as Clayton treated them worse and worse. While this show generally chooses to stage nastiness between its female competitors, it was clear that Gabby and Rachel had found ways to support each other despite being romantic rivals in an incredibly awkward scenario. The new format will fly or flop based on that interpersonal relationship and whether producers are wise enough to lean on it rather than demolish it. But right now, it looks like things will work out.

Clayton could have left with Susie, but Gabby and Rachel are the real winners. They become the stars of their own show and find much better men. Their biggest win is that neither of them has to stay with Clayton.

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