Disney + reveals update to upcoming Marvel Netflix shows

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Disney + reveals update to upcoming Marvel Netflix shows


The defenders and Marvel’s other Netflix Originals have moved unprecedentedly from their streaming home to join the rest of the MCU on Disney +. After two years of legal hurdles and hardships, all six of the street-level Marvel epics have arrived on Disney + to the delight of fans, but some have been disappointed with one fundamental flaw.

In an ever-growing technological age, both visual and audio quality has become increasingly important to audiences. While TVs were square not long ago and content played via VHS tape, home entertainment has made great strides in the streaming era where 4K displays have become increasingly standard in home setups.


With this equipment now available to streamers around the world, viewers naturally expect to be able to take full advantage of it to ensure the best quality. But when Marvel Netflix shows arrived on Disney +, many were disappointed to find that the quality was limited to HD.

Fortunately, it appears Disney intends to fix this rather quickly.

Disney + reveals upcoming Defenders updates

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In response to a fan question about Twitterrevealed Disney + Reckless and potentially other Marvel Netflix series will receive an exciting update in the near future to add 4K UHD versions.


When asked if the 4K version of the Reckless – which was previously available on Netflix – would return to Disney +, the streaming service has revealed that it will be “available soon.” The former Netflix series only launched in “HD / SDR to start” to ensure that they can be made available as soon as possible:

“In an effort to make this much anticipated content available to Disney + subscribers soon, we have decided to launch in HD / SDR to get started, but UHD versions will be available soon. Stay tuned!”

When will Marvel Netflix shows in 4K be available?

Since most of these series are exclusive to streaming, their removal from Netflix left the public with no legal means to view them. So it’s no surprise that House of Mouse was eager to see them move to Disney + as quickly as possible to make them accessible to members again, which it achieved in just 16 days.

Audiences with the necessary equipment to enjoy these series in improved quality will no doubt be happy to hear this news, after what was certainly a disappointing morning where only the SD and HD editions were released.


Given that “The Defenders Saga” was already available in 4K on Netflix prior to its removal, it’s no surprise that it will arrive on Disney + in the near future. A specific release date has yet to be announced, but if the update is already in the works, it could happen in a matter of weeks.

Reckless, Jessica Jones, Luca Cage, iron fist, The defendersAnd The Punisher are streaming now, exclusively on Disney +.



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