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Disney backlash: Marvel Studios denounces anti-LGBTQ legislation


Joe Russo, the first openly gay character from Captain America and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Joe Russo, the first openly gay character from Captain America and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
screenshot: wonder studies

by Disney disability to quickly address the company’s involvement in funding lawmakers involved with Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill saw much internal and external dissatisfaction with the House of Mouse. But now things are slowly starting to change, if not enough.

Last night, in the wake of news that question Disney employees across the company they were planning strikes to protest Bob Chapek’s answer to the aforementioned Florida legislation, seeking to curb the recognition of the very existence of queer people in educational settings, wonder studies became the latest arm of the Disney company to issue a public statement denouncing anti-LGBTQIA + legislation.

In a statement released on Twitter, the firm pledged to promote the values ​​of equality, stating in part: “We strongly denounce any and ALL legislation that violates the fundamental human rights of the LGBTQIA + community.” The studio went on to say, “Marvel Studios is synonymous with hope, inclusiveness and strength; and we are proud to be with the community ”.

Much of the reaction to Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s turnaround on the company’s response to the Florida bill, in the wake of the revelation that Disney had donated money to many of the lawmakers behind its creation, was internal. ‘agency. Reports last week revealed a letter from Pixar employees sent to Disney criticized the company’s responseas well as alleged a history of extreme censorship of queer content throughout the studio’s production, and this week saw the unprecedented announcement of strikes organized by LGBTQIA + Disney staff and support allies to protest the company’s inaction. , after Chapek apologized for Disney’s silence on the account in a message to employees and formally suspended all political spending in Florida.

The Marvel statement is one of the first major public comments that part of Disney made. Lucasfilm, of course another important branch of the study, also issued a statement a instagram attached to an image of the Star Wars The insignia of the Rebel Alliance decked out in the colors of the Pride flag. The caption states that the study “blatantly and unequivocally denounces the laws in Florida, Texas, Idaho and beyond, which target the [LGBTQIA+] communities and violate their human rights “. As of this writing, that statement has not yet appeared on any of Lucasfilm’s other social accounts, including the Star Wars channels on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

However, after weeks of silence, this is a rather small step and comes at a time when the company is expected to be particularly supportive of its LGBTQIA + employees and fans, especially the rights of trans people, as they have recently been attacked. Disney’s attempts to resist content that is anything but stimulating they are no longer enough and the eyes of both employees and consumers are watching to see when and if they will do more.

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