WWE RAW results April 25th

Full results from the April 25, 2022 episode of WWE RAW.


In the program of this WWE RAW episode of April 25, 2022, we celebrate 20 years of Randy Orton’s career, Bianca Belair defends her RAW championship title against Sonya Deville, and Theory is Miz’s guest on her Miz TV. As a bonus, two surprise returns (or almost, if you follow the news).

Randy’s party

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW isn’t just an episode because it’s also the one where we celebrate Randy Orton’s 20-year career. For the occasion, a Superstar audience gathered in the ring as Riddle gave a short introductory speech for his tag team mate.

Randy Orton makes his entrance after a short video clip tracing his career and in front of the audience of Knoxville in Tenessee, his hometown, who chants his name. Randy Orton tells us how happy he is to work with Riddle, that he has never had so much fun and that’s what ignited his passion for him. He hopes the fans won’t get tired of seeing him, because he won’t be leaving for a long time.

Start thanking a whole bunch of cross-fighters who have crossed over during these 20 years in WWE, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker, Mick Foley or Ric Flair. He also thanks Riddle for all the fun he gives him and for the fans who have always supported him. Riddle says he has a surprise for Randy Orton, someone who respected him and considered him a friend: Cody Rhodes. The two former Legacy partners hug.

Seth Rollins interrupts the party, advises Randy Orton not to trust Cody Rhodes, who is there to steal the spotlight, who wants to bring everything back to him. He goes on to explain that despite this celebration, the new generation will not be inspired by Randy Orton or Cody Rhodes, but by Seth Rollins.

Ezekiel comes to greet and introduce himself to Randy Orton, Kevin Owens interrupts him and drags him back out like a liar. The Usos also interrupt for their WrestleMania Backlash match. Adam Pearce enters, inspired by these verbal battles and announces a four-on-four match in the main event: Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel and RK-Bro against the Usos, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens taking advantage of the moment to chase Ezekiel but will take an RKO from Randy Orton.

Belair vs Deville, three games for the price of one

The RAW Championship title match between Bianca Belair and Sonya Deville is the first fight of this episode of WWE Raw.

Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville of count out, but Deville denies the result, explaining that she slipped into the water and resumes the match with the stipulation no counting.

Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville by disqualification, this time because Deville hit Belair with a chair in response to a whip of hair. Deville then announced that the match would be without disqualification.

Bianca Belair defeated Sonya Deville falling with his KOD. This time it was the right one, the match ended well clean, despite Carmella and Zelina Vega’s attempts to intervene. Deville allegedly attempted to win the game on a chair DDT, but was unsuccessful.

Behind the scenes Sonya Deville finds Zelina Vega and Carmella to whom she garlanded for the defeat. The two wrestlers begin to raise their voices but both take a slap. “I’m still your boss” recalls Sonya Deville.

Edge is on his throne in the dark with Damian Priest. He announces that the latter will finish work against Edge tonight, mocks Knoxville fans and their soccer team, AJ Styles and his injury to him. He returns to Bálor who, according to him, will face his “Doomsday”, which appears to be the name of his clan.

Veer Mahaan defeated Sam Smothers by submission with its cervical friction. As usual, a squash followed by a beating after the game, this time to the commentary table where the poor worker will once again suffer Mahaan’s submission.

Lashley wins in arm wrestling but loses the fight

Bobby Lashley and Omos must meet in the ring, but not for a match. As announced, the two wrestlers will have to face each other in an arm wrestling match. MVP is on Omos’s side and during the stalemate, while MVP taunts Lashley, gains strength and defeats Omos.

As expected, the segment targets the beating of Bobby Lashley being crushed with the arm wrestling table by Omos.

Tamina and Akira Tozawa defeated Reggie and Dana Brooke falling with a Tozawa senton on Reggie. Tozawa also tried to block Dana Brooke after the game to claim the title, but the truth stopped him … and then he took the chance too.

Becky Lynch hits rock bottom, Asuka returns

Becky Lynch, in a Lady Gagesque outfit and the utterly dejected face of a day after the night with many regrets, painfully arrives in the ring. It’s been three years since someone beat her for the RAW championship title, so she’s in trouble.

He says he’s hit rock bottom, but when you’re down, you can only go up. It is the beginning of Becky Lynch’s return, she says. She will find her way back to the top and dethrone Bianca Belair to become the champion forever, and no one can stop me.

But suddenly surprised: Asuka is back. “I’ll stop you, because no one is ready for Asuka!” ” The two fighters start arguing but Becky Lynch leaves the ring, it won’t be for tonight.

Damian Priest enters with Edge for the next match. Edge sits on a throne that slowly rolls down the ramp (very slowly, luckily not everyone makes their way to the ring that way) and Priest is on the moving platform. The priest confronts Finn Bálor.

Damian Priest defeated Finn Balor for pinning with a chokeslam and a flatliner. Bálor was distracted by Edge. Because he got up from his chair. It takes little.

Mustafa Ali the revived

The Miz has as a guest on its Miz TV the new United States Champion, Theory, who reminds him a little of a couple of years ago. Theory says he has a lot of respect for Miz and intends to live up to the compliment he just got.

Theory wants to prove that he is Vince McMahon’s best investment and intends to take the US championship title to new heights.

Then comes the second surprise of this evening: Mustafa Ali, who finally returns to Monday Night RAW after a few months of absence for a fight with Vince McMahon. The mockery of the absence and the reasons are spread by Theory and the Miz.

Mustafa Ali replies to Miz that for fun he just has to watch him fight. Ali also challenges Theory to a US championship game, but Theory refuses. Ali then implies that Theory acts like the Miz and runs away from fighting. A match between Ali and Miz is then mentioned, but the latter says he doesn’t have the powers to make it official. Sin ? Not so sure, Theory says he texted Vince McMahon and the game is now official. Is the Miz … thrilled? I’m not sure.

“I will make you regret not having obtained your resignation. “ lose the Miz before the game. The foundations are laid.

Mustafa Ali defeated The Miz for pinfall with a cradle to counter Figure Four.

As Mustafa Ali celebrated his victory on the ramp, Thomas Ciampa attacks him by surprise. Ciampa has also lost his name, by the way. This passing fad becomes hellish.

In an interview Rhea Ripley explains that she has finally opened her eyes: she is much better off alone. She had managed to win the RAW title on her own, but since then she has only had partners who have slowed her down. Liv Morgan arrived suddenly to attack her, several officials came to separate the two wrestlers.

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It’s raining RKO for Randy Orton’s party

The main event of this episode pits RK-Bro, Cody Rhodes and Ezekiel against Usos, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Everyone has time to make their entrance and all the wrestlers start fighting at eight in the ring for the match to start.

Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel, Randy Orton and Riddle beat Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and the Usos for pinfall with a Randy Orton RKO on Jey Uso. All the heels of the match were entitled to their little RKO in the match before the final, it’s Randy’s party.

This episode of WWE Raw ends with the celebration of faces with the public, with no other surprises to conclude the evening.

A pretty nice episode of WWE Raw without being amazing. The party around Randy Orton offers good times, the returns of Mustafa Ali and Asuka are good for the roster of the red brand. The triple match of Bianca Belair and Sonya Deville was not necessarily necessary.

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