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The “Walking Dead” series will be released at the end of the eight episodes of the third part of its final season. Here are the questions the program will have to answer by the airing of its final episode!

Expected by the end of the year, filming for the third part of the final season of The Walking Dead ended a few weeks ago. Before the horror series reveals its outcome (remember that several spin-offs have already been ordered), here are the questions left unanswered by the end of its second part, available for replay on demand on the OCS platform.

Did Negan and Maggie reconcile?

One of the main axes of the second half of season 11 was the rapprochement between Maggie and Negan. If the two characters are never best friends, their recent adventures have allowed Maggie to take a first step towards Negan, whom she finally seems ready to accept as a comrade in arms.

If he did not allow him to obtain the forgiveness of the latter, the way of the cross started by the former villain of the series has nevertheless earned him the trust of the young woman. The two characters will be the headliners of the spin-off Isle of the Dead, expected for next year.

What end for Daryl and Carol?

Soon in the credits of their spin-off as well, Daryl and Carol are the only two characters to have appeared in all seasons of Walking Dead. United by a brotherly bond that no difficulty could break, the two survivors are among the most popular heroes of the series.

So if it seems logical that no one will find death by the end, it remains to be seen what the starting point of their new adventures will be. The fact that the spin-off series does not yet have an official title, however, raises fears of a major shift in dynamics for the duo.


Sebastian, the latest villain in the series?

Currently, the main villain of the last season is Lance Hornsby, the deputy governor of the Commonwealth. However, the series introduced another antagonist: Sebastian Milton. Pamela Milton’s spoiled rotten son has notably distinguished himself by entrusting a high-risk mission to Daryl and Rosita to serve his personal interests.

Recently, Sebastien surprised Max, Eugene’s ally, in the middle of a spy mission in Pamela’s office. If he pretended not to have noticed anything in the young woman’s behavior, it would be surprising, however, if she did not exercise a form of blackmail on the survivors. He also remembers that the character played an important role in the outcome of the comic, most notably by killing one of the heroes of the series!

The fall of Pamela Milton?

And Pamela Milton? At the moment, the Commonwealth Governor has only played a very minor role this last season. Appearing only in the background of the plot, the latter may however come out of the shadows during the third part of season 11, due to the revelations that Connie is about to make about the columns of the local diary.

Appearing until then in the guise of a head of government close to her people, will Pamela Milton reveal her true face by the end of the series? How will she react when she learns of the actions performed in her shadow by her right hand man Lance Hornsby and her son Sebastien?


… And that of the Commonwealth?

Will the revelation of these covert actions, particularly the disappearances of opponents eliminated by the Commonwealth militias, lead to the collapse of the community? Pamela Milton dismissed, will another governor be appointed in her place? Can the apparently utopian model of this society last?

Expected returns?

Among the characters whose fans are hoping for a return by the end of the series, it’s hard not to immediately think of Rick Grimes and Michone. Expected to appear in the film Walking Dead (of which we are desperately without news …), the presence of the two characters in the season 11 finale is not yet confirmed, despite the presence of Andrew Lincoln close to filming a few weeks ago.

Other characters could return: we think of Luke, absent from the second part, or even of Heath, this character who disappeared several seasons ago, who had left behind him a mysterious “PPP”, the meaning of which has never been revealed to us .. .

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