Two famous illegal download sites close their doors

News hardware Two famous illegal download sites close their doors

Zone-Telechargement and Tirexo, the two main platforms linked to illegal downloading, withdraw at the same time. The reasons for this decision are unknown at this stage.


  • A site dedicated to illegal downloading …
  • … And the other focused on illegal streaming
  • Legal pressure to close these sites?

Despite the proliferation of legal streaming offerings over the past 10 years, illegal downloading is still on the rise on the Internet. If rights holders get involved on a regular basis and support investigations leading to the closure of popular platforms, it happens that some will lower the curtain on their own.

This is obviously the case with Zone-Telechargement and Tirexo. These two large French-speaking sites, each on their side, have announced their closure between Sunday and Monday.

A site dedicated to illegal downloading …

Zone-Telechargement is (was) a platform focused on illegal downloading. In 2016, the site, which then accumulated up to 3.7 million visits each month, was forced to close following the arrest of its three creators by the police.. But very quickly clones emerged, until the arrival of a platform considered to be the site’s rebirth.

On Monday morning, the administrators of Zona-Telechargement announced the closure of the platform, to everyone’s surprise. “We have closed all the old and new domains connected to our site”read on its main page, which is now offline. “The site database will be completely destroyed. There will be no replicas.”

… And the other focused on illegal streaming

Tirexo, for his part, was favored by pirate fans of illegal streaming. On Sunday, users found that the platform had been closed. “Tirexo’s adventure ends here, thanks for everything”the administrators then announced, stating in passing that the insults received from frustrated Internet users did not motivate them in any way to continue. “Vous pouvez rager, hurler, nous insulter (si si on a droit à ça, j’ai dû enlever des commentaires, ça faisait mal au cœur), ça n’enlèvera rien de ce que nous avons fait pour nous et vous jusqu ‘ here. Hi “.

Unlike Zone Charging, Tirexo had not been convicted in the past. But its sudden closure could suggest that the administrators have heard of an investigation.

Legal pressure to close these sites?

At the moment, no communication from the authorities suggests that investigations are underway on these two sites: contacted by Le Monde journalist Tristan Brossat, Alpa, the Association for the fight against audiovisual piracy, declined to comment. This does not mean that nothing is happening and the future may tell us more about the situation.

Regular customers of these platforms have fewer and fewer alternatives at this stage, proof that the golden age of movie and series piracy seems to be behind us now. However, this does not mean that private Internet users of these illegal solutions will choose to resort to legal solutions: the offer is increasingly fragmented between multiple services, but also increasingly expensive, to the disappointment of many consumers of cultural content.

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