Touche not at my post columnist announces sad news …

The columnist of Don’t Touch My TV! Isabelle Morini-Bosc announced a very sad news on social media this Tuesday… Her community was quick to come and comfort her.

The continuation under this announcement

The loss of a pet is always particularly painful for the house he lived in … and the people who are confronted with these disappearances are very affected, like everyone. We remember in particular the great sadness of Julien Courbetthe guest of M6, at the time of his dog Vega’s death, who had lived with him for many years. Today is the turn ofIsabelle Morini Boscthe editorialist of Don’t Touch My TV!to be sunk in pain: she has in fact lost her cat, which for more than ten years has filled her daily life with joy.

Tertio “went away” that night. After giving us 12 years of happiness. His deep and everlasting sweetness explains our deep pain today.“, the reporter and columnist tweeted next to a photo of her pet. She soon received messages of support from many of her fans.”It is very sad to lose your little furry love, which has given so much unbridled tenderness“,”I am very sad.You have given her a lot of love. Gone too early unfortunately“,”Dearest Isabelle, I send you all my solidarity“,”I am completely with you. It is very difficult to lose one of our life partners.

Painful spring for Isabelle Morini-Bosc

Before facing the loss of her pet, the columnist had already faced a painful death a few weeks ago: that of the journalist. Jean Pierre Pernaut. The reporter died at the age of 71 on March 2. Present the same evening on the set Touche not in my place! to evoke this disappearance, Isabelle Morini-Bosc had been overwhelmed by emotion, in particular talking about the last message she had received from him. “”At the beginning of January he left me a message, he said: ‘I’m still your Pernaut or nothing and I feel like I’m going to win this fight,’ “he recalled.

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