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Euromillions draw for Tuesday 26th April 2022The Euromillions jackpot literally flies away with € 137 million in play this Tuesday, April 26, 2022. After 10 consecutive draws with no big # 1 winner, the kitten amount is pushed to an unprecedented level reached in 2022. So play a grid in minutes if you want to win your share of the jackpot and wait until 8.15pm to find out the full result of this draw of the day.

Update 26/04/2022 20:35: another big winner in the Ile de France region

This Tuesday April 26th, even though all eyes are on the fate of the € 137 million jackpot, a record for this year 2022, he is indeed a player from the Ile de France region who just won € 1 million tonight thanks to your My Million code. Even before knowing the winning numbers of the draw, this player will be able to churn out champagne and celebrate his victory!

Prints follow one another and connect at the speed of light! For five full weeks now, no grid played at Euromillions has found all the winning numbers. Obviously several million grids have been winners, sometimes even well endowed with several hundred thousand euros, but the jackpot staked on the evening of March 22 has not yet yielded. Last FridayMore than 34 million cards were registered in Europe and 2.6 million of them got back at least their stake.The biggest win at the end of this latest Euromillions draw was € 195,342 for 9 players, including 1 French.

Today, take your chance by ticking off at least one grid for this record draw of the day e its extraordinary prize pool of 137 million euros.

Play a Euromillions grid online or at a retail outlet before 8:15 pm on Tuesday April 26th

the Euromillions draw has seen his prize pool increase for more than a month and the pressure around the jackpot is getting stronger. Participation to draw for this Tuesday 26 April 2022 risk of increasing further, so you will have to try your luck by ticking at least one grid in order to hope to win your share of the jackpot.

Below, follow our top tips for playing the European lottery online and in minutes.

Friday 29 April 2022 € 158,000,000 Upcoming result! Player

The results of the My Million and Euromillions draws from 20:50 on Tuesday 26 April

The presidential election is behind us and now all eyes will be on the results of this Euromillions draw on Tuesday 26th April. This is the first time such a large jackpot has come into play in 2022.

With € 137 million in the jackpot on Tuesday April 26th, over 30 million players are expected to become the next multimillionaires of the year!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Euromillions My Million

How to play an online Euromillions grid?

To play a Euromillions grid on the Internet, you need to open an account in a few minutes, then tick 5 numbers + 2 stars. Finally, you will make a payout for your grid before 8.15pm and betting ends on Tuesday April 26th. -> Play Euromillions online

Until what time can we play Euromillions today?

You can enter the Euromillions draw for this Tuesday 26th April 2022 by validating your grid before 8.15pm. This time limit applies to both grids played online on and at a point of sale. -> Play Euromillions online

What time can we follow the results of the Euromillions draw this Tuesday?

The results of the Euromillions are expected from 20:50 with the code My Million and its new millionaire, without forgetting at 21:15 the complete winning numbers of the Euromillions draw on this April 26th.

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