Nicolas (Love is in the meadow) blocked by the accident: Ludivine gives sad news

September 22nd Nicola was the victim of an accident at work. Since the candidate of Love is in the meadow 2013 and his bride Ludivino struggle for financial help. And it’s not won, as the charming blonde confided in an Instagram story on April 25, 2022.

Many Internet users are wondering about Nicolas’s situation after his accident. Recall that theThe Morbihan cow farmer has “kicked in the jaw by a cow. Following this incident, the farmer was “unconscious for a few minutes” And “the the lip was falling apart“. Ludivine then set aside her children Abriel (6), Maël (4) and Ninon (3) so that they would not see their dad in this state. Once they contacted their in-laws, they immediately went to the ready. rescue “.Nicola has 7 fewer teeth, there were 2 in the disc. Fractures, bruises. The lip where a piece is missing. Today there is more rubber, we must understand that we cannot put what we want as teeth, even ceramic ones. It has fewer roots and fewer bones. The estimate is very high, here are the consequences of the accident at work“, He had confided in particular.

A situation that cannot be solved

Nicolas and Ludivine contacted insurance companies and the MSA (Agricultural Social Mutuality) in hopes of obtaining compensation. But last March they passed the ball. And the situation is unfortunately not yet resolved at the moment. “For the moment, we don’t have much feedback from the consulting dentist’s MSA. We are still awaiting quotes for dental prostheses. We saw the social worker who told us that no one wanted to make an effort. Nicolas, in order for everything to be taken care of, should have had neither head nor mouth, nothing. He lets it really break his whole face. He’s missing some of his lip and teeth already … But that’s not enough. Otherwise he would have had cancer of the mouth, teeth or tongue. That’s all in agriculture, we don’t deal with anything“, Ludivine was indignant last Monday.

Nicolas and her too went to the hospital to see a stomatologist (medical and surgical specialty that covers the study of the oral cavity and adjacent tissues). A solution was therefore considered regarding his teeth, but the farmer rejects it. “He told us it was a human bone and graft that needed to be done. Then from Nicolas’s skull bone to be put back into the gums. Then to redirect to Nantes. So this means that you still have to do consultations and quotes in the polyclinic. But Nicolas absolutely does not want to get injured, to have a bone graft that may not work. It would still be months and months of waiting. The bone graft option is removed“, has continued.

The charming brunette would rather go to the dentist for “make a bar and fix the implants on it“. But having no help, they don’t know if it will be possible.”We were asked to re-quote the dental prosthesis. Knowing he can’t stand temporary prosthetics“Concluded Ludivine.

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