Netflix loses the rights to this cult animated series

If you are a fan of this cartoon, you have little time to catch up on the last few seasons.

Friendly faces, nice and well-mannered people. Nevertheless Netflix will lose the rights to South Park very early.

If you were planning to watch the 20 episodes of seasons 22 and 23 of the cult and trashy cartoon, you have less than a month to do it! Indeed, it will be possible to get some fresh air in South Park until next May 14th.

But don’t worry, you can always take the South Park route on Amazon Prime Video where the full episodes await.

Credits: South Park

Netflix and animated series

In South Park we forget all its problems, but Netflix can’t forget its. In front of number of subscribers decreasing permanent for some time now, the platform will have to react. The streaming service addressed a loss of 200,000 subscribers since the beginning of 2022 and the war between Ukraine and Russia will have caused a further loss of 700,000 subscribers according to Reuters.

Two options are therefore available for Netflix. The first would be lower subscription prices, but that would mean a sizable loss for the streaming giant. The platform would then be thinking about it a cheaper alternative subscription, but which would include advertising.

The second option issave money by canceling productions. And unfortunately the first victims of these cancellations are the animated series. Three large-scale projects have already undergone this treatment, including the cartoon adaptation of the comics bone. Netflix has therefore announced that the goal for the moment would therefore be that focus on already established serieslike the cartoon spin-off of the film Baby Boss by Dreamworks.

It is therefore not surprising to see the platform give up the broadcasting rights of animated series that are not its own to save even more.

The future of animation on Netflix is ​​uncertain, casting doubt on productions still adored by viewers of the streaming service. In the past, the platform had not hesitated to end the new adaptation of dark crystal despite critical acclaim.

No problem for Arcane who seems to have been spared from this carnage of animation, fans of League of Legends can sleep soundly.

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