Maïté: her niece gives her some news and reveals why she has moved away from TV

Camille, Maïté’s nephew, informed her on the program “It starts today” broadcast on Monday 25 April 2022 on France 2.

Maite is fine. While she retired from the media scene for a long time, her niece Camille broke the news. Invited on Monday, April 25, 2022 on the set of “It starts today”, the young woman of 20 said: “She is doing very well, she is enjoying her retirement with her family, still in her village of Rion-des-Landes. This side of the media has passed to her, so in 2010 she chose to retire.”. Eager to remain discreet, the 1938-born chef no longer wants to appear on the small screen. It is therefore now with his loved ones that she spends her daily life. Furthermore, the two women have a very strong relationship. This is “an exceptional grandmother, there has never been this Maïté side, but rather grandmother Maïté” Camilla added.

Camille on Maïté: “She is exceptional”

According to her, it is thanks to Maïté that Camille started cooking at the age of five. Already baby, she watched her shows of her. “She started showing them to me with my sister when she babysat us at night, before going to sleep.” confided the young woman. For Camille, Maïté is “exceptional”. “HenThere has never been this Maïté side, but rather Grandma Maïté. It was later that I realized … “ he said tenderly. According to her testimony, the cook has always enjoyed cooking for her loved ones, sometimes even “a roast chicken for two”. If they have never cooked together, Camille and Maïté have talked a lot about gastronomy. When she embarked on this path, the young woman was encouraged by her grandmother. “Here’s what he wanted me to do” concluded that I did not want to disappoint her.

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