Loto FDJ result this Monday 25th April 2022: raffle available (free)

The week is starting again and the Loto jackpot has not yet been won since last Monday. Consequently, the draw on this Monday 25 April 2022 will put into play the sum of 5 million euros that you will be millions to want to win. If you wish to check a grid, you can do it online or in a store until 8:15 pm this Monday evening and of course you will find the result from 8:50 pm.

Update on 26/04/2022 at 9:00 am: the draw gives 2 winners for € 63,083

Hundreds of thousands of grids were winners this Monday night, but none found the 6 winning numbers. The biggest winners won € 63,083, these are two players who were able to find the correct 5 numbers, without the Chance number. In addition to these winners, 10 players also won € 20,000 in the My Million lottery.

Update 04/25/22 at 20:35: new week, but no new millionaire

A new week starts like the last one ended, without a millionaire. On Monday, April 25, 2022, none of the millions of grids played were able to find the winning numbers for the draw. Tonight, in the absence of a millionaire, the kitten is the big winner, rising to € 6 million from Wednesday night.

the the last lotus drawing for this Saturday has allowed more than 800,000 people to win at least their bet by hitting the right numbers or lucky number for a minimum payout of € 2.20. One of the luckiest of this last night of the Lotus. We can find 2 winners of the 2And draw, winning more than € 80,000.00 each and 10 level 2 winners for the main draw who win the tidy sum of € 25,000 each. Unfortunately for the players, this Saturday the kitten was not won and the € 4 million offered in the jackpot will therefore increase to 5 million euros this Monday, April 25th.

Today it is more important than ever for you to play and change the course of your life. Because of this. Now you can check off a grid with 5 numbers plus one lucky number for the sum of € 2.20 or add option 2 to itn / a draw and allow you to win, in addition to the announced jackpot, an additional jackpot of € 100,000.

Play your lotto grid for this Monday 25th April draw

The rules of the game are always the same. You will need to tick 5 numbers, plus one lucky number to also give yourself a chance to win tonight’s lotto jackpot.

For this, 2 choices are available between the online validations on the website or at the point of sale at your local dealer. For all these choices, the price to play will remain fixed at € 2.20 per validated grid. This does not include additional games such as joker +, the offer multi possibility FDJ in the group or any possible Lotus more grids.

Good luck to you and don’t forget to validate your grid until 8.15pm, the maximum time to register your game.

Wednesday 27 April 2022 € 6,000,000 day Now min dry Player

Lotto results for this Monday available from 20:50

The month of May is drawing to a close and now we know the name of our new President of the Republic. If the latter has just won nearly a million euros in salary over the next 5 years, you hope that you, lottery players, this Monday, April 25th, tonight you win 5 million euros after taxes.

The announcement of the 2 winning combinations and all the winning numbers will be made starting from 20:50 directly online and completely free of charge. This Monday evening, there will still be tens of thousands of you wanting to find the result.

The winning report announcing a big winner or not will be broadcast from 21:00. It will be accompanied by the 10 lotus bingo codes that will necessarily draw 10 players who will win the sum of € 20,000 each.

FàQ: frequently asked questions about the lottery

How do you play a lotto grid today?

Ticking off a Loto grid is the simplest thing. With a pen or directly with your finger or mouse, you can tick 5 numbers in addition to a lucky number and have your game grid validated both online, independently on or at a tobacconist near your home. -> Play Lotto online

When can we expect the lottery results tonight?

Official draws are recorded around 20:20, but results will not be released until 20:50 for the main draw as for 2n / a to draw.

What is the lot to be won this Monday, April 25, 2022?

After 3 consecutive draws without a winner last week, the jackpot amount will reach € 5 million for this draw on Monday 25th April 2022.

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